Traducción de collusion en Español:


colusión, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈluʒən//kəˈl(j)uːʒ(ə)n/


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    colusión femenino
    connivencia femenino
    to be in collusion with sb estar coludido con algn
    • Viewed in this light, I believe that collusion between the terrorists and the news media is quite possible.
    • I'm beginning to think she's in collusion with the police.
    • He saw no point in complaining to the union because, in his experience, the union acted in collusion with the management.
    • As such, it was thought that codes could only be cracked if there was collusion between two high-level bank employees.
    • Most people in Hong Kong work for or own some kind of businesses, and they don't see any collusion between government and business.
    • He suggested there was collusion between objectors, due to similarities in some letters sent to the council.
    • If discrimination is not challenged then we are effectively in collusion with the perpetrators of such behaviour.
    • It is a blatant conflict of interest and misappropriation of funds, as well as possible collusion and conspiracy to commit fraud.
    • Competition between elites is too easily turned into collusion between plunderers.
    • But experience has shown that this kind of cooperation often leads to collusion between the two sides.
    • Obviously, it was a case of collusion between the state and the lawbreaking ruffians.
    • The collusion between provincial bodies, timber bosses and community members played a key role in the illegal business, he said.
    • In addition, there are cases in which the bank suspects collusion between the customer and the payee of the erroneously debited amount.
    • On the other, niche diagnoses have proliferated, apparently as a result of collusion between experts and the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Perhaps we might, for the first time, see collusion between the baseball owners and the Players Union.
    • So this may be a chance to hit at the corrupt collusion between government and business people.
    • There was widespread collusion between bank officials and customers.
    • Charges of corruption, Mafia collusion and bribery seem not to have dented his appeal.
    • The minister alleged the report was done in collusion with dissidents inside and outside the country.
    • Mason points out that accusations of collusion between the two companies were nothing new.