Traducción de comb en Español:


peine, n.

Pronunciación /kəʊm//koʊm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for hair)

      peine masculino
      peinilla femenino América Latina
      peineta femenino Chile
      to go over sth with a fine-tooth comb examinar / revisar algo minuciosamente / con lupa
      • Besides the explosion of headbands and jeweled hair combs, watch for a continual rise in the popularity of all types of silk and couture hair flowers.
      • She sprayed perfume around herself into the air, and pinned the crystal combs into her hair.
      • He slowly reached up his hand to brush away the wet hair that was clinging to her face, escaped from the hair combs which had been lost in the depths of the water.
      • I dressed quickly in the clothes set out and I ran a wooden comb through my long dark hair.
      • ‘Finished,’ I called out and pulled the gold combs out of my hair as he turned back to face me.
      • On top were two simple silver combs to pull your hair back.
      • After breaking another tooth off of my comb, I realized that my hair was the boss.
      • I took the fine toothed comb and skimmed my hair.
      • I quickly brushed my teeth and ran a comb through my hair.
      • Try coating the hair with mineral oil and using a special nit comb to remove them more easily.
      • No hats, combs, kerchiefs or anything but hair should be on your head.
      • A large tortoiseshell comb in her hair saved her life.
      • I stood in the mirror, dragging the comb through my neatly trimmed hair.
      • Vincent sat on her bed and watched her, captivated, as she stood before the mirror, adjusting the comb in her disheveled hair.
      • Grimacing, she pulled the comb through her tangled mass of long brown hair.
      • This involves lifting the hair with a metal comb and burning off the ends with a lighted taper.
      • These are worn with mantillas (lacy scarves worn over the hair and shoulders), long earrings, and hair ornaments such as combs or flowers.
      • She wasn't wearing anything that could be considered feminine except maybe her hair comb.
      • Sighing, I grabbed a comb and began untangling the knots in my black hair.
      • Otherwise, find a comb with very fine teeth: the space between the teeth of the comb should be no more than 0.3 mm.
      • Jeweled combs also made a huge splash at the Golden Globes.
      • Adorn your new curls with your favorite accessories such as headbands, jeweled side combs or similar.
      • Soak hair-care items like combs, barrettes, hair ties or bands, headbands, and brushes in rubbing alcohol or medicated shampoo for 1 hour.
      • He was going to curl my short auburn hair and put it up in combs so the ringlets would lay all over the place.
      • However, combing through the hair with a louse comb and examining the teeth of the comb for living lice detects more cases than direct visualization alone.
      • Another woman eats an ice cream as her young daughter eyes the sparkly hair bobbles and shiny combs in a shop window.
      • He stumbled to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and ran a wet comb through his hair.
      • A man looked at him through a mirror in the bathroom, comb in hand.
      • He took out his pocket comb and ran it through his thinning hair.
      • Her hair was swept back with jeweled silver combs and diamond-stud hair pins into a smooth chignon.
      • Some kind of comb was dragged through my hair, leaving a burning path along my scalp.
      • I ran a comb through my own hair and stared dejectedly at my reflection.
      • She grabbed her comb and a hair tie then put her thick, black hair into a high ponytail.
      • She pulled a comb out of her pocket and started to brush my hair.
      • She stood behind her mother, ivory comb in hand, brushing through the voluminous red hair.
      • She reached up and pulled the combs from her hair.
      • Use a wide toothed comb to distribute the mixture through the hair.
      • Towel dry the hair and use a wide toothed comb or pick to untangle.

    • 1.2(worn in hair)

      peineta femenino

  • 2

    your hair needs a good comb tienes que peinarte bien
    • give your hair a quick comb pásate un peine
    • I've taken to wearing baseball caps instead of having a slight comb in the morning.
    • With a quick comb of her hair, and the applying of a light coat of make-up and a flowery fragrance, she was out the door.
    • Giving my hair a quick comb through with my fingers I turned around to see that the door was open.
  • 3

    (for disentangling fibres)
    carda femenino
    • If a comb was used, this would be to get the fibres parallel.
  • 4

    (on bird)
    cresta femenino
    • My shadow was moderately tall and skinny, rat's nest hair silhouetted like a rooster's comb.
    • Maternal mass was correlated with male offspring mass and comb length.
    • The female's plumage is overall gray-brown and the male appears similar, although he has orange-yellow combs over the eyes and light gray tail feathers.
    • For example, a rooster's comb contains a hyaluronic acid that can be injected into your face to smooth those wrinkles.
    • Expression of combs and wattles is directly connected to androgen production, whereas feather ornament size seldom depends on current levels of testosterone secretion.
    • The combs and neck sacs of males become enlarged during the breeding season.
    • Cracids may have a casque, hard comb, wattle or fleshy knob at the base of the bill.
    • A new wave of face-smoothing shots derived from a variety of substances, including rooster combs and newborn foreskin, are expected to hit the market soon.
    • Males with longer combs are preferred as mates and are more likely to win in aggressive encounters, so we wanted to see if changes in immune status were reflected in comb length or other ornamental characters.
    • There are seven distinctive types of combs alone on chickens - rose, strawberry, single, cushion, buttercup, pea, and V-shaped, in case you were wondering.
    • Resplendent in bright orange, black and red, his comb, wattles and ear lobes have been shorn off.
    • However, although males can control comb size, they cannot hide their combs completely.
    • For instance, the comb of a male jungle fowl deteriorates when the bird is infested with a gut parasite, but the parasite has no effect on its plumage.
    • And instead of pheromones, they depend on beautiful feathers and combs to attract mates.
    • The finely woven patterns in the feathers and wings, combs and waddles, beaks and tails, run in three directions: horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
    • At a given moment two observers independently ranked a specific male comb size.
    • They get the name rooster because the dorsal fin looks similar to the comb on a cockerel's head.
    • As in other grouse species, red grouse combs are larger and brighter in males, and their size is testosterone-dependent.
  • 5honeycomb

    panal masculino
    honey on the comb miel con un trozo de panal femenino

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1(pass a comb through)

      to comb sb's hair peinar a algn
      • to comb one's hair peinarse
      • His normally messy, disheveled brown hair was neatly combed back, revealing his big green eyes.
      • His hair had been combed neatly and he was wearing a hint of cologne when he outreached his hand for her.
      • His hair was neatly combed back, and he held an umbrella over his head.
      • For once, his hair had been combed neatly for the occasion.
      • His thinning hair, once carefully combed to the side, began to work its way loose.
      • He gently combed the tangles out of her hair and deftly plaited a long simple braid.
      • He combed out all the tangles and made it shine even more.
      • His hair was neatly combed and his beard looked smooth.
      • His hair was neatly combed back and he looked very handsome.
      • Her blonde hair was carefully combed, and she had put too much make-up.
      • Her brown, frizzy hair was neatly combed and in a barrette.
      • Michael had thick caramel brown hair, which was combed to the side.
      • Her marvelous hair was shining brighter and was combed perfectly.
      • Her red hair has been neatly combed back and braided.
      • Slightly built, with neatly combed gray hair and a trimmed mustache, he looks out at us through thick eyeglasses.
      • He was muscular, and had wonderful chestnut brown hair that was combed perfectly to the side.
      • His rather fashionable beard has been carefully combed and so has his shoulder-length hair.
      • He picked up his blazer to hide his wrinkled dress shirt, and quickly combed his fingers through his hair.
      • My hair was combed neatly this time, and I wore a bit more makeup than I usually did (which consisted of eyeliner and lip-gloss).

    • 1.2

      (wool/cotton) peinar
      • The fibres damaged the skin on the women's hands if their job was to comb the flax by hand.
      • All the literature said you had to ret the fibres and then comb them, basically an industrial process.
      • She is combing out flax and keeping herself cheerful with a pitcher of wine.
      • The second largest wool combing plant in Australia closed its doors.
      • They were made of long wool fibers that were first combed to straighten them, spun tightly then woven in fancy weave structures.

  • 2

    (field/area) peinar
    (area/field) rastrear
    (archives/files) rebuscar en
    to comb sth for sth
    • they combed the area for survivors/clues peinaron / rastrearon la zona en busca de supervivientes/ pistas
    • I combed the newspaper for the story repasé el periódico de arriba abajo buscando el artículo
    • Her disappearance provoked a massive public response, and hundreds of police officers combed the city streets.
    • He was daydreaming about them combing the market for horses when he collided with someone.
    • The U.S. Congress has about five different committees, and they are combing through documents.
    • Police are combing the streets, handing out flyers and watching airports and bus terminals.
    • But you'll have to comb through humbling rosters of seven-figure properties first.
    • Organized gangs located potential victims by combing through the White Pages, and they paid for the postage with bogus stamps.
    • The Commissioner, however, spent the time engaging an army of investigators to comb through union records.
    • I spent most of yesterday combing through ads and making phone calls.
    • I had been combing through the wreckage, searching for anyone that might have survived.
    • Officers combed surrounding counties for tear gas, sprays, concussion grenades, and munitions.
    • He spent a long time combing through the patient records before coming across the professor's signature.
    • They're still combing through the wreckage now, trying to figure out what exactly happened.
    • Fatal crash investigators combed the scene yesterday and would return today to continue their investigations.
    • Multipliers are the biggy for linking tricks, and after combing through a course a few times, players can locate and nail these for bragging rights.
    • They combed through medical records and found 1,458 wrist fractures.
    • Divorce lawyers say clients are furious that neighbors are combing through the details of their cases (and are even brazen enough to discuss them with them).
    • More than 130 experts comb the fair before the opening to remove questionable items.
    • The murder scene was sealed off yesterday as forensic experts combed for clues.
    • Television footage showed clothing strewn on the charred ground and investigators combing the site at night behind a cordon.
    • But it will still take us some time to comb through the evidence and make sure that we're not missing anything.