Traducción de combat en Español:


combatir, v.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑmˌbæt//kəmˈbæt//ˈkɒmbat/

verbo transitivocombatting, combatted

  • 1

    luchar contra


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    combate masculino
    (force/troops/zone/strategy) (before noun) de combate
    single combat combate singular
    • close combat combate cuerpo a cuerpo
    • By all accounts, there was intense close quarter combat in the city's refugee camp.
    • Civil affairs officers naturally came under the control of local military commanders in combat zones.
    • We're still doing the hand to hand combat training too.
    • Unarmed combat (what many label as self defense) is different from sport.
    • Yes, he faced lethal combat with the enemy.
    • They were waging combat with a very tenacious enemy.
    • Nothing about aerial combats in the area could be found in naval archives or period newspapers, but pilots who had once flown with the 367 Fighter Group contacted the divers on the Internet when news of the find emerged.
    • All four of his sons fought in combat in World War I and his daughter served as a Red Cross nurse in France.
    • Close quarters combat training or kevlar armor plates will not save us.
    • One might criticize this volume for its overwhelming focus on the sharp end of individual aerial combats and its near-total neglect of many other facets of the air war on the eastern front.
    • In many of the frontline combat units, the average age was about 20.
    • They have said they wanted to avoid urban combat for as long as possible.
    • The relationship between sport and unarmed combat is not easily seen at first.
    • We're now 21 days into the war, and most of this has been continuous combat with the enemy.
    • They trained in the evening in such things as weapons handling, unarmed combat and basic sabotage.
    • In works of art, fighting between Amazons and Greeks is represented as similar to combats between Greeks and centaurs.
    • I fought in combat with a very good digital battle command system that had some minor problems.
    • As night fell, the battle developed into a series of hand-to-hand single combats.
    • Each man began to engage the various others in intensive hand to hand combat.
    • He developed a static device that used films to simulate aerial combat.