Traducción de combination en Español:


combinación, n.

Pronunciación /kɒmbɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n//ˌkɑmbəˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(mixture)

      combinación femenino
      an interesting color combination or combination of colors una interesante combinación de colores
      • the two methods work very well in combination los dos métodos funcionan muy bien usados en conjunción
      • It is the combination of these two reactions that allows the ozone layer to protect the planet.
      • The number of bumps on each wheel in combination with the rotational speed determined the pitch produced by a particular tone wheel assembly.
      • Most scientists working with the new inhibitors and monoclonal antibody treatments acknowledge they will be used in combination with chemotherapy for years yet.
      • Artificial tooth supports surgically set in the jaw are used in combination with bridges, dentures and crowns to replace any number of missing teeth.
      • You are extroverted and strong-willed, which, in combination means you are good with people and aren't willing to let opportunity pass you by.
      • Each responds to a distinct combination of built form, architectural circumstance and institutional activity.
      • The name comes from a 19th century combination of cata (from the Greek for down, kata) and ion.
      • The artist's technique involves the use of digital photography in combination with graphic designs and the exhibition is slated to begin on March 17.
      • In combination there is something even beyond, that joins the three in harmony.
      • Most children get the right amount of fluoride through a combination of fluoridated toothpaste and fluoridated water or supplements.
      • This has come about through a combination of two processes.
      • In most countries, rubella vaccine is administered in combination with measles and mumps vaccine to children as part of their immunisation schedule.
      • The invention also relates to the use of the above-mentioned flame retardant combination, especially in thermoplastic polymers.
      • It carries a strong earthy flavour and can be used in combination with wheat flour.
      • A perfect game requires a perfect combination of skill, concentration, and luck.
      • The show has been packing halls around the country with its combination of top quality characters, high production and sheer entertainment.
      • He displayed a winning combination of size, shape, definition and poise.
      • These strategies must be used in combination: users will leave if the content is good but hard to find, or if it's easy to find but offers only empty calories.
      • Or use in combination with other sun-loving annuals or perennials.
      • An artist may use a combination of processes to create an original print.
      • Each stage is a combination of natural processes and human intervention, requiring patience, knowledge, discernment and flair.
      • Toilet training is a combination of several developmental processes.
      • But now the boots are back, often but not always in combination with a miniskirt, and they are certainly harder to combine with the jeans.
      • But I thought that it was important, because I saw that many of these problems had to be dealt with in combination with other countries.
      • We've found that your particular combination of qualities is rare - only 2 in 10,000 people share the same general mix of traits.
      • Different individuals will prefer different combinations of work and leisure.
      • Power foods are a convenient pick-me-up and are good for you when used in combination with a wholesome diet of fruit, vegetable, grains, and proteins.
      • The process is a combination of computer-aided engineering and experimental methods.
      • He said it was crucial to study the uplands because they had a distinct combination of agriculture, landscape, tourism, plus artistic and cultural inspiration.
      • The therapy involves heated, very smooth stones being rubbed into your back, arms and legs in combination with traditional Swedish massage techniques.
      • In spite of all this, there is something about Shakespeare and something about performance without walls; in combination, they make magic.
      • The combination of top quality performance and the ambience of the concerts has produced evenings of great enjoyment both musically and socially.
      • To analyze the data we employed a combination of qualitative and simple quantitative techniques.
      • By the same token, certain ingredients used in combination capture benefits not achievable when used alone.
      • The twinport petrol engines achieve reductions in fuel consumption by using a variable intake manifold in combination with high rates of exhaust gas recirculation.
      • But they said the ‘kicker’ was that the carbohydrates needed to be eaten in combination with little or no protein.
      • Nevertheless, two events occurred recently which, had they happened in isolation, would probably not have resulted in such a seismic shift in my world view as they did in combination.
      • In short, everyone would have a similar combination of empowerment and quality of life benefits.
      • He made it over two months from a combination of processes involving painting and cut-and-paste images, using a crackled paint effect to make it look old.
      • Really nothing more I can add to that except used in combination with your pillow its dead handy for wrapping bottles/breakables in your suitcase.

    • 1.2Matemáticas

      combinación femenino
      • One of the hardest parts about doing problems that use permutations and combinations is deciding which formula to use.
      • The mathematical possibilities, the permutations and combinations, the percentages, all tended to mislead a good number of readers.
      • Mahavira gave special rules for the use of permutations and combinations which was a topic of special interest in Jaina mathematics.
      • His final publication was on combinations where he used the notation (m, n) for the combinations of n objects selected from m objects.
      • Perhaps they're computing permutations of combinations?

  • 2

    (of lock)
    combinación femenino
    • The leader rapidly tapped in the combination that opened the door and switched off the alarms.
    • Finding just the right combination was a process akin to spinning the dial on a lock, praying each time to hit the right series.
    • He turned the lock knob to put the combinations in and then opened it.
    • I went to my locker, did my combination and pulled it open.
    • Turning the dial and entering the correct combination, he pulled open the metal safe door and peered inside at the Manila folders it contained.
    • She spun the combination and pulled open the door.
    • I dialed the combination and opened the locker's door.
    • The correct combination will open the device.
    • I went to my locker, number 278, entered the combination, and opened it.
    • He fiddled with his combination and opened his locker.
    • Permits for individuals and small groups will be available from the Lake District National Park Authority and will be issued with combination numbers for locks.
    • She opened the school door and went running down the hall to her locker; she quickly twirled her combination and opened her locker and grabbed her book.
    • Curious, she dialed her combination and opened the door.
    • She said with a bite of sarcasm before quickly performing the combination and pulling open her locker.
    • Figuring out a master combination is a methodical process of elimination, determining pin by pin how deep to cut the key.
    • If a bowler could figure out the combination, he could open up the safe and get the money.
    • I shrugged it off, and went to my locker, and was in the process of doing the combination when I felt someone's eyes on me.
    • He set the safe on his bed, quickly put in the combination and opened it.
    • It must be a hidden safe, one that will only open if the right combination was dialed on the phone.
    • I smiled happily then turned and headed for my locker, dialed the combination, opened it up and stuck the new books I'd required on the shelf.
  • 3combinations plural

    prenda de ropa interior de una pieza
  • 4Britanico

    (motorcycle and sidecar)
    moto con sidecar femenino
    • A thought I just had: how much do you hate it when motorbike/sidecar combinations come apart in films and the sidecar carries on on its own, usually ending up in a duck pond or hay stack.
    • They moved at high speed, often with motorcycle combinations, ahead of the panzer divisions, to reconnoitre routes and maintain the momentum of the assault.
    • Racing with specially constructed motor cycle and sidecar combinations is a recognised but inherently very dangerous sport.
    • He was last seen heading for Moscow on a motorbike/sidecar combination!