Traducción de comeuppance en Español:


Pronunciación /kʌmˈʌp(ə)ns//ˌkəmˈəpəns/



  • 1

    to get one's comeuppance recibir / llevarse su (or mi etc.) merecido
    • So one can say he tried to lie his way to fame and fortune, and got a much-deserved comeuppance.
    • By the time Delilah weaseled the secret of his strength out of him, Samson seemed ripe for a rude comeuppance.
    • Cosmic comeuppance isn't supposed to count for much in football.
    • As for the rest of you, you'll get your comeuppance soon.
    • Sooner or later, though, such hubris must receive its grim comeuppance.
    • However, it seems that the political comeuppance is always greener on the other side of the Atlantic.
    • These fine visitors, I thought, were in for what I can only describe as a culinary comeuppance.
    • It's rare that an actor can not only deserve his comeuppance but maintain your sympathy while getting it.
    • It's not much of a comeuppance for a 65-year-old ex-CEO who never has to work again anyway.
    • They get their comeuppance in the end in satisfyingly brutal fashion.
    • I guess this is her comeuppance, though she'll never even know it.
    • Before that he'd been an actor, often on radio, playing gangsters who got a violent comeuppance.
    • Among the more baffling parts of this showdown is why Madam Secretary would have invited such a comeuppance in the first place.
    • I kept turning the pages, anticipating the comeuppance that he so richly deserved.
    • By any reasonable moral reckoning he deserves all the comeuppance of his bad faith.
    • Some were probably hoping the students would get their comeuppance, but death was more than they deserved.
    • Because the stories were true, the comeuppance of criminals (death for all but a few) rang even truer.
    • Thus far, it is only in the executive suite and in the stock market that society has witnessed a comeuppance.
    • You'll get your comeuppance in due time.
    • I kept thinking that the last pages must be missing, the ones with the comeuppance, but there's none.