Traducción de comfy en Español:


cómodo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkʌmfi//ˈkəmfi/

adjetivocomfiest, comfier


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    what a comfy sofa/coat! ¡qué sofá más mullidito/abrigo más calentito! coloquial
    • now let's make you nice and comfy ya verás qué cómodo te pongo
    • They spoil me with dinner and a comfy bed and a bathtub; all the things you miss when traveling.
    • I have to go out soon, but all I want to do is gently rest my head on that cool, comfy pillow.
    • Part of me just clings tighter to the covers on my soft, comfy, safe bed.
    • This is definitely music that one can dance to or simply just enjoy sitting back in a comfy couch with a drink in hand.
    • He is not settling down for a comfy night in one of York's nicer hotels.
    • We went to the pub at half three, and settled in at the front, on a comfy sofa.
    • Do this until you feel so comfy with every note you could sing the tune in your sleep.
    • There's lots of standing room, several tables and a couple of comfy couches to lounge on.
    • Karina got changed into some comfy clothes and we headed to the gym for a hip hop class.
    • My bed was very comfy and a fold-up bed arrived promptly for my young daughter.
    • The beds are huge and comfy with lots of puffy pillows and cushions.
    • Everything in the hall is aimed at making it easy and all comfy for the children.
    • Then I caught the train and took my seat: a nice, big, comfy seat with no one anywhere near me.
    • It's too bad that our soap operas only show the glamorous and comfy lifestyles of the upper class.
    • I might even think about getting my own bike, something with a slightly more comfy saddle.
    • The decor wouldn't be out of place in a furniture showroom, and our rooms were clean, bright and very comfy.
    • It has big comfy leather sofas in the window area with lots of tables stretching back to the kitchen at the rear of the venue.
    • So there I sat happy and sleepy on their comfy sofa letting the conversation and laughter waft over me.
    • The large rear door provides great access to comfy seats with unbelievable leg room.
    • I park myself down on one of the comfy couches and love socialising with everyone again.