Traducción de commanding en Español:


de superioridad, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈmændɪŋ//kəˈmɑːndɪŋ/


  • 1

    (position) de superioridad
    (position) dominante
    (lead/advantage) considerable
    • The driving position is good, giving a commanding view of the road ahead.
    • This position would give them a commanding view of the main doors to the hangar as well as the rest of the airfield.
    • It is beautiful and has a commanding view of the Han River and its surrounding parks.
    • The new hide here is far from that - built from Welsh Oak in a distinctive heron shape, it stands on stilts in one of the lakes, providing visitors with a commanding position from which to view the birdlife.
    • It sits up high providing a commanding view of the road.
    • A headquarters was needed and the position of the castle with its commanding views over the bridge and along the river itself made Dundas the natural candidate.
    • Emly had a commanding lead of seven points at half-time.
    • John Edwards says he's undaunted by John Kerry's commanding lead.
    • At its westernmost tip, the most commanding position of the site offers a fine panoramic view of the harbor and beyond.
    • No other restaurant in New Jersey looks out over such a commanding view.
    • They care about what they consider their way of life, their power, their commanding position in world affairs.
    • India also took a commanding 3-lead in the final set, but Japan fought back to make it 5-5.
    • The choir of around a dozen were placed up in the gallery, with a commanding view over the rest of the chapel.
    • They built up a commanding five-goal lead by the interval.
    • She had a commanding lead, and it narrowed, and then she won convincingly, so it was good news for Republicans across the board.
    • We've probably got one of the best suites in the place actually - we're on the 14th floor with a commanding view of the city.
    • They were in front from the first end and had a commanding 21-8 lead after 15 ends before their opponents won three ends on the trot.
    • Partial results show them with a commanding lead.
    • He did not question their character, as he had on previous occasions, but he could not conceal his dismay at the way they defended after finding themselves in a commanding lead 10 minutes before half time.
    • Built overlooking the valley, it holds a commanding view of the area and is a spectacular sight.
    • China proved to be the stronger side at the semi-finals stage as the Chinese shuttlers took a commanding lead of 3-0 by defeating Hong Kong on Wednesday.
    • By half time Comer were in a commanding 20-6 lead.
    • The Selects took a commanding 4-1 lead into the third.
    • Apartment buildings overlook it, but they are not the luxury units one might expect with such a commanding view of the waterway.
    • Kate, superior to all the other anchors, swells a commanding lead after just one lap, and doubles it with her piston-stroke off the pool wall.
    • In fact, Mac took a commanding 21-2 lead into the recess.
    • He really stepped on the gas racing up the far side where he held a commanding lead.
    • His third was supplied by Gray to put his team in a commanding 4-1 lead.
    • They had enough early possession to have built up a commanding lead but didn't take their chances and found themselves 8-5 down at the interval.
    • With a commanding view of the surrounding area, the monastery has many treasures.
    • This sink location, which offers a commanding view of the family room area, is also a plus when you have small children who still require constant supervision.
    • Spacious up front, if a little crowded in the back, the car has a high seating position which means that you get a very commanding view all around.
    • These stations were sited on commanding terrain or on platforms built for the purpose.
    • It also puts the site in a commanding position for future projects.
    • The property has a commanding view of the surrounding hinterland as well and this mixes quite well with the garden.
    • The university occupies the highest hill in Bethlehem with a commanding view and also happens to overlook an Israeli fortified position opposite Rachel's Tomb.
    • The car has certainly proved itself as a worthy mileage machine, the high seating position offering a commanding view of the road.
    • President Bush has a commanding lead in the fund-raising race for 2004.
    • This raised seat height also provides a commanding view of the road ahead allowing potential hazards to be recognised and reacted to sooner than might be the case in a conventional small car.
    • It appears that the Democratic presidential candidate tonight has taken a commanding lead in the race for his party's presidential nomination.
  • 2

    (presence) que impone
    (tone) autoritario
    (tone) imperioso
    • Not only a commanding physical presence, the former WWE wrestling champion brings a gratifying level of depth and humanity to the role first seen on the screen in 1973.
    • The case ended in a hung jury, even though the jury consisted entirely of military officers sitting in judgment on criticism of their commanding officer.
    • A specific procedure to ensure formal handover of responsibility by commanding officers for actions on decisions by investigating authorities.
    • As on the Westminster stage he has a commanding presence among the assorted collection of European heads of government and their respective finance ministers.
    • His commanding voice and presence is always welcome on screen.
    • Despite her small size, the child has a commanding presence.
    • With such a commanding presence, it's unfortunate that the script did not accommodate a few more scenes for this great character actor.
    • But this one has a commanding shape and presence.
    • The new Yorkshire Regiment's cap badge was unveiled yesterday as commanding officers admitted they were facing their biggest tests since the Second World War to effectively deploy troops.
    • Kent bellowed in his commanding military voice, having followed in his father's footsteps.
    • The United States today retains a commanding military edge over all other nations.
    • One of the guards says in 10 months there, he never saw the commanding officer, that's General Karpinski, who was also in charge of this other prison.
    • He has a commanding presence, demanding attention and respect, and an image (glasses, suit and hat) that hasn't changed much in 30 years.
    • I believe with the addition of a creative midfielder and a commanding centre half this team has every chance of making the play-offs.
    • I would not be in favor of seeing another commanding officer in charge of the military.
    • She will be back in uniform pursuing her ‘other life’ - as a commanding officer in the California Army National Guard.
    • In the military, the commanding officer must be certain that his or her command will be strictly followed.
    • The captain left the army in 1998 after his commanding officer described him as having a ‘arrogant and cavalier attitude towards young soldiers’.
    • She possessed a commanding stature, with a very quick, expressive face.
    • Finally, soldiers must also be protected from ‘official tyranny,’ or the will of their commanding officers.
    • Taken aback, she stammeringly asked them, ‘Are you sure your commanding officer sent you to the right address?’
    • Speer admires Hitler to the point of hero-worship and Walker plays him as a gregarious, personable genius with a commanding presence and a quick wit.
    • He couldn't help but notice the Lady's commanding presence.
    • But his commanding officers in the desert know that if they do something like that, they will be personally held responsible for war crimes after the war is over.
    • You are not easily intimidated - and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.
    • Owen had served in the army and was commanding officer of the military hospital.
    • He served with the Regiment's 1st Battalion in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Germany and was the battalion's commanding officer from 1989 to 1991.
    • Often glancing at the magistrates, Dumas was a commanding presence with a flair for the dramatic.
    • Your commanding officers will not take kindly to your disregard to authority.
    • If the oil painting legend assumed a commanding place in the Romantic imagination, the accounts of writers and artists necessarily diverged.
    • He had a great personality and a commanding presence.
    • A commanding officer sentenced him to 35 days in jail.
    • The findings will go to the commanding officer.
    • When I was in the military, my commanding officer would issue orders to his troops, if you carried them out as instructed, you were a good soldier!
    • She stood next to Mother with a commanding presence.
    • Instead, your company receives orders from a commanding officer - you act as an influential member of that team, but you're hardly the only active agent.
    • He was a stately man, and had a commanding presence.
    • Marsh was one of five guests of the Navy invited aboard for tours, observation of flight deck operations, dinner with the commanding officer and an overnight.
    • He was hauled before his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel James Stevenson, and summarily dismissed.
    • In the earliest cosmologies, man placed himself in a commanding position at the centre of the universe.
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    (position/hill) prominente
    the house enjoys a commanding view of the bay desde la casa se domina toda la bahía