Traducción de committed en Español:


comprometido, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈmɪtɪd//kəˈmɪdəd/


  • 1

    (christian/feminist/communist) comprometido
    (worker/teacher) entregado a su trabajo
    (teacher/worker) dedicado
    he is committed to the cause está entregado a la causa
    • We have scores of dedicated and committed staff members who render an excellent service under circumstances that are sometimes difficult.
    • Mrs. O'Shea was a dedicated wife and mother and a loyal and committed Church person.
    • One of that small group of committed people was a man named Mike, a really good guy who cared deeply about the hometown he loved and the people in it.
    • She was a very good business woman and a committed family person.
    • Training for the Olympics is a discipline that only the dedicated and staunchly committed can do.
    • Married people, committed people tell their partner where they are not out of obligation, but out of love and a desire to share their lives.
    • However, we continue to cater for large numbers of boys and girls and are fortunate to be helped by a good number of committed people.
    • I enjoyed a lot of the work and met a lot of honest, committed people.
    • Although most professors felt exhilaration at teaching such committed and dedicated pupils, not all were pleased.
    • We are lucky to have some dedicated and committed personnel within our ranks and these are people who give of their time voluntarily and without the input of these people our club would be all the poorer.
    • The dedicated staff at the hospital are certainly doing their best and performing well in difficult circumstances which are certain to lower morale in even the most committed of people.
    • ‘The Coastguard has some really nice, extremely committed people in it,’ he said.
    • And its only when you talk to people who have a relative who has used the hospice service that you get an idea of the dedicated and committed work that they do.
    • After months of dedicated practice by a committed cast the end result was a superb performance by one and all.
    • Tom has been a committed and dedicated campaigner for awareness, facilities and compliance with disability requirements for many years.
    • Three years of hard work and dedication by a committed group of locals have gone into providing the area with a beautiful new facility.
    • It's one of the mightiest political feats of our time, accomplished by a small group of clever and committed people.
    • None of this success could have been achieved without a happy and professional group of committed people and I am proud of them all.
    • A committed group of people turns out annually and hopefully if the weather is favourable on Sunday next we'll see a good number of walkers to keep up this long tradition.
  • 2

    (under obligation, pledged)
    having signed, you're now committed al firmar se ha comprometido
    • he doesn't want to be committed no quiere comprometerse
    • our funds are fully committed todos nuestros fondos están asignados
    • to be committed to sth/-ing
    • you're now committed to selling / the sale ahora está comprometido / obligado a vender
    • Moreover, large, one-off payments for single books do not immediately conjure up the image of an ongoing, committed publishing relationship.
    • Besides, I'd like a committed relationship, not a cheap thrill (not that there's anything wrong with cheap thrills).
    • Like any people who have settled into a long, committed relationship, we have developed ideas of God that allow us to stay engaged.
    • That is, conventionally committed individuals who may be suffering because of their inability to approximate the conventional standards to which they are emotionally committed.
    • But how could a woman in a committed lesbian relationship work for him, given his backing for the Federal Marriage Amendment, outlawing same-sex marriage?
    • A lesbian minister in Pennsylvania was defrocked for having been honest about her committed relationship.
    • For those participants in a committed relationship, we hypothesized that the SFQ Relationship subscale would be higher in respondents who reported higher levels of overall relationship quality on the DAS.
    • Gay couples are demanding the same civil, legal rights accorded every other couple in a committed relationship - financial security, insurance, inheritance, medical decisions, home ownership, custody of children.
    • Many people have concluded that the best sex is enjoyed in a committed relationship with one person.
    • I am in a long-term, committed relationship with a wonderful, giving, extremely loving man.
    • Many Americans view marriage as a loving and committed relationship.
    • This is NOT a good time to get married or enter into a committed relationship.
    • Wallerstein and Blakeslee concluded that most American children who experience a bitterly-fought parental divorce suffer lifelong problems in forming committed sexual relationships.
    • But if that is true for committed gay and lesbian unions, it is just as true for every other committed but nontraditional union.
    • I am in a long-term, committed relationship with my partner of seven years.
    • The truth is that most gays are responsible and productive citizens who want their committed relationships respected.
    • Some researchers warn that hooking up provides no relationship training and could detrimentally affect the ability of those involved to form committed partnerships over time.