Traducción de commodious en Español:


espacioso, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈmoʊdiəs//kəˈməʊdɪəs/



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    • Eight men were gathered around a black-tinted, glass, rectangle table in the middle of an unlit commodious hall that was suitable for conventions.
    • The new car has a more commodious cabin than the old model, particularly in the rear.
    • The boot is spacious with the seats in place and really commodious when they are tipped over.
    • Although it measures just 13 1/2 feet square, the dining room feels more commodious thanks to a pair of tall windows on the outside wall and the wide arch that opens to the living room.
    • Period photographs and other documents reveal that he built a commodious house on the island.
    • Inside the commodious house, yellow leather couches are well arranged and classical music is soothingly emanating from the family hi-fi.
    • It would obviously be a more commodious property in Berkshire…
    • The commodious hall was almost full and on the makeshift stage musical instruments were being installed and tested by the accompanists.
    • The palace building was commodious enough to accommodate chambers and offices of the High Court.
    • A commodious dwelling house with a spacious garden that included a fish pond, was also part of the property.
    • It was being pulled down to make way for a larger, more commodious building.
    • I found the suites capacious, the sofas commodious, the sandwiches copious.
    • We sit rent free in a handsome and commodious building, and with our occupancy ensured by a parliamentary title.
    • The escalator opened onto a commodious red velvet lounge, in which there was a large oak bar lining one wall and already quite a few customers.
    • Many older drivers shy away from the growing breed of commodious, family-orientated ‘people carriers’.
    • As a 15th century merchant's home, it would have proved most commodious.
    • So the film finishes and we lie and chat amiably in my big commodious bed.
    • It was in the commodious attic of this house that she created her private museum.
    • He was unmarried and so had no use of the commodious house in the College to which he was entitled, but lived in rooms there.