Traducción de communal en Español:


comunal, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈmjun(ə)l//ˈkɑmjənəl//ˈkɒmjʊn(ə)l//kəˈmjuːn(ə)l/


  • 1

    (land/ownership) comunal
    (bathroom/kitchen) común
    • It will create two more rooms for patients - to add to the four already in operation - two rooms for relatives, plus a communal kitchen and lounge area.
    • The master bedroom sits to the rear and overlooks the communal garden, as do the bathroom and dining/kitchen.
    • If the claim is in respect of defects in the common parts or communal areas of a block of flats, the claim must be made by the Management Company or in Scotland, the Factor.
    • There was a communal bathroom down the hall and a kitchen on the first floor, not that anyone used it much.
    • The family had to share communal facilities with neighbours and arguments were common.
    • A door leads from the kitchen area into a communal corridor, while a staircase leads down to the sleeping accommodation.
    • The wart viral infection is a common occurrence in communal bathing, spa or health club facilities.
    • And the food service workers who scoured the commercial kitchens improvising communal meals for hundreds of those stranded.
    • Two people shared a room and the entire floor shared a communal bathroom and shower room.
    • Most cooking is done in communal kitchens in the neighbourhood and purchased from street stalls that heave under bags of fruit and vegetables of all kinds.
    • Water is then carried through the common parts in the communal pipework and into individual flats.
    • When I was a teenager at boarding school, we had communal showers and bathrooms.
    • A few minutes later, I walked down the hall to look at the communal bathroom and showers.
    • There are a number of 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms apartments available with a communal kitchen, which are ideal for a group of friends.
    • A communal shower and bathroom served at least sixteen people.
    • The communal kitchen will cater for patients in the hospice.
    • There was a communal kitchen, but all the cupboards were bare.
    • She rattled some cups about the communal kitchen instead and stuck the kettle on to boil.
    • There is no cooking on the premises and the bathroom is communal.
    • Residents would share the use of communal facilities.
  • 2

    (in community)
    (life) comunitario
    • Another role of the bard was as the repository and interpreter of the history of the people, a vital social function that maintained communal solidarity.
    • Their positive common memory strengthens their communal resolve, and they begin to pray for Sethe.
    • In a heroic society, the communal aspect of the feasting was an appropriate means of rewarding the prowess of the individual warriors.
    • Underpinning the project's strong social and communal dimension is a measure of environmentally aware design.
    • The utopian society is a communal one, where all people are genuine equals.
    • In this spirit, members emphasize communal sharing, as in sharing food, giving gifts, and doing favors.
    • I like the communal, collaborative aspect of this.
    • It has planned a programme of district level meetings to mobilise public opinion in favour of democracy, communal harmony and peace.
    • Edith spent the next eight years teaching at a Dominican school for girls, where she enjoyed sharing the sisters' communal life.
    • This collection represents a communal plea for peace from those who have had little of it in their lives.
    • It is clear that there is a network of belongingness, of social, communal relationships and of a set of identities that are important to us.
    • But this is a communal achievement, one that shows us a side of Belfast we never normally see.
    • According to the rules which provided for communal representation by separate electorates.
    • Members of the O'Kelly family and people who shared his communal commitment will be present on Saturday.
    • A town is measured by its collective and communal intellect.
    • These people understand the value of collective work and the communal aspects of public communications.
    • They, for many years, have been working for social, political and communal harmony on national level.
    • All songs were film-based, focussing mainly on themes such as patriotism, communal harmony and social good.
    • They strengthened and gave us pride in our communal bonds.
    • The common man is not much concerned about communal issues.
  • 3

    (between groups)
    (riots) interno
    (riots) intestino formal
    • Thirty-seven years later, in 1986, Hindus were permitted to worship there once again, sparking off nation-wide communal clashes.
    • Intelligence failure is very common phenomenon in any major communal violence.
    • Separate communal clashes on Friday and Saturday in the towns left several people injured and dozens of houses and ships damaged.
    • This is especially true where human suffering is caused by communal conflict.
    • Plus, such deadlines can encourage massive communal violence.
    • Only two weeks ago, a communal conflict broke out killing five people and injuring a dozen others.
    • Angry, powerless people turned to communal social violence when they felt there was no legal recourse available to them.
    • But in 1714, when communal riots broke out, they also acquired a religious identity.
    • In total, nearly 7,000 people have died in communal conflicts since 1999.
    • Contained in the impasse over the formation of a new government are the seeds of a descent into communal conflict and civil war.
    • In East Belfast, as you mentioned, that has been an area which for many, many years has suffered under communal conflict.
    • He argued that the attacks were not religiously motivated but designed to destabilize the country by creating communal conflicts.
    • You certainly can't say this was communal conflict among naturally violent people.
    • As the protest movement waned, the military deliberately fomented communal conflict as a means of reasserting its authority.
    • But the Pakistani president is no more able than his predecessors to solve the country's underlying ethnic and communal tensions.
    • Very often the officers blame lower ranks of the force for their inability to control communal conflict effectively.
    • This event was preceded by a period of communal strife, brought under control with assistance from British troops.
    • The communal clashes have erupted sporadically since January 1998, claiming 28 lives.
    • Fifty-five years of rule under the national bourgeoisie has created a cauldron of ethnic and communal strife, poverty and illiteracy.
    • The constituting of enquiry commissions has become a common feature after each communal flare-up.