Traducción de community care en Español:

community care


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    servicios de atención comunitaria a ancianos y a discapacitados físicos y mentales
    • To promote community care for the elderly and related social welfare efforts, the department began to work with social groups two years ago.
    • He believed that care in the community for people with learning disability should be supported by a sound hospital assessment.
    • They feel it would be better receiving in-patient care rather than community care because of the poor mental health they are experiencing.
    • There are already 350 beds occupied by long-term care patients, who should be in nursing homes, rehab or community care.
    • But mental health charities warn that, because patients cannot get care in the community or a hospital bed when they need it, their condition deteriorates to the extent that they need to be sectioned.
    • The same would apply to those who suffer, for example, from physical or mental disability and who need care in the community.
    • This means we are a step closer to giving people a purpose-built centre, providing a wide range of health and care services and improving primary care in the community.
    • It's care in the community for elderly people who otherwise may have to go to nursing homes.
    • He wants to see more emphasis given to the role of primary and community care, rather than over-reliance on hospitals.
    • Free community care and services to assist living at home.
    • This result may point to the diversification of some psychological services into community care, and away from hospital practice.
    • Physiotherapists may work in hospitals, private practices or social services, for example, providing care in the community for elderly people.
    • A young woman in a coma was forced to spend almost three years at an acute Cork hospital as more suitable community care could not be found for her.
    • She has worked in many areas of nursing including critical care, public health, community care and teaching.