Traducción de community charge en Español:

community charge

impuesto comunitario por capitación, n.


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    (formerly in UK)
    impuesto comunitario por capitación masculino
    • Our council tax bills are set for their biggest increase since the tax replaced the infamous community charge eleven years ago.
    • The council tax, which is despised almost as much as its predecessor the community charge or poll tax, remains, and the inequality of wealth and divisions in society continue at a pace.
    • A proposal to abolish the system of household rates with a community charge led to an upsurge of revolt across the nation.
    • His latest petition to curb community charge increases above inflation is well worth supporting.
    • This equates to £148 per household per annum through taxes, National Insurance, community charge, consumer prices, etc.
    • Last year I wrote to the Advertiser asking where the people of Swindon would find the money to cover the increase in community charge.
    • It introduced the community charge, popularly known as the poll tax.
    • The £10 a week I received in bereavement benefit paid for my community charge and all of my husband's private pension went towards the rent.
    • We probably pay in the region of £200,000 a year through the community charge for the upkeep of police in Silsden.