Traducción de community hospital en Español:

community hospital

hospital local, n.


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    (no especializado) hospital local masculino
    • To find out more about donating blood, contact your community hospital or your regional blood bank.
    • We were very apprehensive about the treatment we should have from a small community hospital, especially as my mother was 88 years old.
    • He died slowly in the intensive care unit at a small community hospital.
    • Investment in intermediate care in community hospital rather than acute hospital settings may be more cost effective.
    • When they moved she also did anaesthetics at the community hospital in Stroud.
    • Mr Greenway, who visited the maternity unit in the run-up to Christmas, said he could understand why women chose to give birth at the community hospital.
    • If a patient needs nursing care in a community hospital they will be put on a waiting list for a bed in their Primary Care Trust area.
    • As she lived 16 miles from the district general hospital I was asked if she could have the operation at our local community hospital.
    • The community hospital was closed to inpatients and casualty was shut down.
    • I had admitted an elderly woman with severe leg pain to the community hospital.
    • I telephoned a nearby community hospital that was responsible for the rehabilitation of the elderly orthopaedic patients.
    • Recently, I started working as an agency nurse at a smaller community hospital.
    • I began working in a community hospital with a small pediatrics unit.
    • The old St Michael's Hospital in Rayne Road, Braintree, closed in 2001 so the site could be redeveloped for a new community hospital and housing.
    • The surgeon told me I could either go to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore or to the nearby community hospital, and that he recommended the little, local hospital.
    • Built on the former site of the hospital on Bath Street, the centre will house both a community hospital and a home for the elderly.
    • However, he was soon on his way to the local community hospital after his hand swelled ‘to the size of a balloon’ and he began to suffer dizziness.