Traducción de company car en Español:

company car

coche de empresa, n.


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    coche de empresa masculino
    • This will help both you and your drivers manage their fuel bills and make sure that both employer and employee got the most from their company car.
    • It seems that employers may have to add career coaching to the employment package in the same way as the company car, share options and health package.
    • But whether that would be enough to persuade me to pick it as my company car is difficult to say.
    • Although I did not get the performance I was expecting, it is still an excellent car and one I would be proud to have as a company car.
    • If you get a company car which includes all petrol paid on both business and private mileage plus all running costs you pay fairly hefty taxes on this perk.
    • The taxation levied on employees with a company car is based on the full list price of the vehicle.
    • Well, if you drive a company car you don't have to worry about insurance, road tax, servicing or repairs and maintenance.
    • Oh yes, it was the very stuff of life to have a company car in those days.
    • Driving a company car (not by my choice) is also an expensive item taxwise.
    • Rumours of the end of the company car, following a change in the personal tax regime, seemed greatly exaggerated.
    • The company car, once the ultimate perk for business executives, could soon be heading for the scrapyard.
    • He had his own sports car, a company car, a runabout car and another one, presumably for times when the other three were not available.
    • Similarly nothing can be awarded where a company car was to be used only for business purposes.
    • If you must have a car, take your company car as part of your payoff.
    • But he may trade in his Piaggio moped for a company car if he passes his driving test later this year.
    • I had a company car at the time and one of the headlights was less bright than the other one.
    • So, for example, if you receive any benefits in kind from your employer, such as a company car or medical insurance, this should be listed.
    • Mr Bennett said the victim was more than £35,000 out of pocket as a result of the loss as the car was a company car for his own business.
    • The new pay system includes a controversial plan to ask managers to accept a car allowance instead of a company car.
    • If I was offered the chance to have this as my company car I would be very happy indeed.