Traducción de compilation en Español:


compilación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑmpəˈleɪʃ(ə)n//kɒmpɪˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of list) compilación femenino
    (of information) recopilación femenino
    • Which on the strength of this compilation of material drawn from a decade of honest toil is hard to fathom.
    • Department staff have been detailed for compilation of the clippings, scrutiny and design.
    • Collation of data, compilation of the figure, and final drafting were done by DM.
    • It not only makes your life colorful, it also makes it easy to spot errors ahead of compilation.
    • The compilation of such a list culled from thousands of votes is also valuable in a historical sense.
    • When completed it will be sent back to the CTO for compilation and then forwarded to St. Maarten.
    • There is need to pay special attention on research and compilation, he said.
    • They are the product of a long process of composition and compilation.
    • There has been no compilation of even the most basic demographics about who is receiving points.
  • 2

    recopilación femenino
    a compilation of her greatest hits una recopilación de sus grandes éxitos
    • before noun compilation album álbum recopilatorio
    • Her records also appear in other LP compilations not mentioned but the most comprehensive ones are those referred to above.
    • Of all these titles, the main feature I see it having over previous compilations is the multiplayer component.
    • Book and magazine compilations of the best album covers highlight numerous works from this era.
    • The books are compilations of art and feelings from school children and adults.
    • Our top 10 usually consists of exclusively Brazilian bands and telenovela soundtrack compilations.
    • Out of the all the compilations I've put together, I've probably used this track the most.
    • A pop star's death is normally the cue for record companies to rush out the reissues and compilations.
    • But what is certainly different, from most compilations at least, is the way it is assembled as a whole.
    • These books are compilations of Groening's old news-paper cartoon strips from 20 years ago.
    • It can be found on dozens of compilations, but appeared first on this debut full-length album.
    • Inside are homemade CD compilations of music that he often knows little about.
    • Numerous compilations of mountain songs appeared in continental Europe as well.
    • Weston is undeterred by the less-than-successful track record of eclectic compilations.
    • But just watch out for misleadingly packaged comedy compilations.
    • At the end of each year, compilations of the poems written by the members were brought out.
    • To gauge by the shudder of inadequacy this compilation can send through its readers, that may be for the best.
    • Nursery rhymes or pop compilations will keep the children entertained.
    • Just listening through, I pondered on the role of compilations in a record collection.
    • The best clean pop stuff is on these weird compilations and soundtracks.
    • No, it's record companies approaching and paying to put their songs on the compilations.