Traducción de complete en español:


completo, adj.

Pronunciación: /kəmˈpliːt//kəmˈplit/


  • 1

    • 1.1(entire)

      (edition/set) completo
      the complete and unabridged edition la edición completa / íntegra
      • the kit comes complete with tools and instructions el kit viene con las herramientas e instrucciones incluidas
      • he came dressed as a woodman, complete with axe vino vestido de leñador, con hacha y todo
      • We highly recommend this book to those who seek a more complete glossary of parapsychological terms.
      • A visit to the site would not be complete without a full tour of the available goodies at the online Giant Robot store.
      • It was necessary to obtain complete buy-in from the faculty for any major curriculum reform.
      • It breaks my heart to talk about it, but this list wouldn't be complete without its inclusion.
      • Hopefully however, the popular Paul will make a full and complete recovery.
      • Let's forgive the generals if they decline to offer any intrepid reporter their full and complete trust.
      • When buying an apartment, ask the co-op board for a complete list of all the musically inclined tenants.
      • Elements of each of those explanations may well be necessary components of a complete picture, but they are insufficient.
      • However no list would be complete without a small list of the things I insist on leaving at home.
      • Finally, I added a complete list of archived postings by category.
      • When imagery blends with sound, a poem has come full circle and becomes complete in itself.
      • I'd rather scan the complete list of times and find the train I want to catch, not the train they think I want to catch.
      • I am not listing the complete contents because that would likely take more space than the review.
      • I now intend to work to ensure my full and complete vindication of the charges as expeditiously as possible.
      • If we are to be given statistics, they should be in full and complete, not edited highlights.
      • In order to enjoy the game, it will be necessary to get the complete and official rules.
      • We are continuing to face resistance from fund managers in going towards full and complete disclosure.
      • No Caribbean music list would be complete without the man credited with coining the word reggae.
      • The entire community is not complete without those with disabilities.
      • Best wishes for a full and complete recovery from all the racing fans.
      • If this aspect is to be fully woven into an analysis, it is necessary for a complete account of the series of exchanges in an interview to be available.
      • If you invest before July, it should be able to run for its complete term and you should get the full benefit.
      • I'm anxious to get the annotating started but I won't do that until the list is complete.
      • But it will now be evident that he uses the term with complete consistency.
      • Less than half of the relevant anatomical terms are used with complete consistency by all workers.
      • We tried to do everything a professional news organization would do to give a full and complete story.
      • On a day like this though, the complete list is too long and it doesn't capture how much the situation has changed.
      • The complete list of banned items is printed on the backs of the tickets.
      • After two complete bars, the entire band returns, now dearly playing in compound meter.
      • It may not be a complete list - but is probably so long that you won't be able to read every article.
      • A complete list of abstracts is available on-line which gives the tenor of the whole proceedings.
      • No list would be complete without the famous rail at Saint-Joseph's Oratory.
      • The sway the song held over the spectators was full and complete.
      • Ask each firm that you are looking at for a complete client list going back no more than six years.
      • They've come up with a more complete list than any of the mainstream media outlets.
      • The military could keep all of these servicemembers on active duty for the complete term of their contract.
      • The best decision-making processes use the most complete data set.
      • If you're interested in seeing what else you can get for free, you can get the complete list here.
      • Do you have a complete and comprehensive report on your desk as to the full details of the operation?
      • It is not necessary to produce a complete list, or a closer analysis here.

    • 1.2(finished)

      when will the report be complete? ¿cuándo estará terminado / listo el informe?
      • Finally, I bagged up enough leaves to consider the task complete.
      • Spirit says the changes will be complete by the end of the month.
      • However they will not know whether the treatment is successful until the course is complete.
      • The blasting and rock removal scheduled to be complete was not finished.
      • It was only when the entire draft translation was complete that I had dared show it to him.
      • A prolific football striker in school, D' Souza's transformation is now complete.
      • Once the entire adventure is complete on one title, players are then able to transfer saved data to the other and continue their quest.
      • He says it's not unusual that he's been recalled to Jakarta before his full term is complete.
      • When backfilling is almost complete, water to settle the soil around the roots.
      • It is quite a relief to have it finished and complete - it's been on my mind since April.
      • With digital media such work can even look finished and complete.
      • When the transformation was complete, the man had grown over a foot taller.
      • Just a few hours, and the entire affair would be complete, the artwork a masterpiece.
      • Once the entire section was complete and heavy traffic began to use the new bypass, people began to lodge claims.
      • The investigation should be complete by the end of this year, he said.
      • With Youssou N'Dour's Egypt album on the stereo, the transformation is complete.
      • Investigations are not yet complete who exactly set the coach on fire.
      • They seem to be nearly complete through 2000-01.
      • It is anticipated that a report will be published once the entire process is complete.
      • I have been asked to limit my public comments until this investigation is complete.

  • 2

    (thorough, absolute)
    it was a complete disaster/failure fue un absoluto desastre/fracaso
    • I made a complete fool of myself quedé como un verdadero idiota
    • it came as a complete surprise fue una auténtica / verdadera sorpresa
    • a complete waste of time una pérdida de tiempo total y absoluta

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (education/building) acabar
    (building/education) terminar
    (sentence) cumplir
    when we have completed our investigations … cuando hayamos completado / concluido nuestras investigaciones …
  • 2

    (make whole)
    (collection/set) completar
    let me complete the picture deja que te termine de describir la situación
  • 3formal

    (fill in)
    (form/questionnaire) llenar
    (form/questionnaire) rellenar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1Britanico

    (in house purchases)
    • She seemed shocked to hear her name from an almost complete stranger.
    • Even allowing for the vicissitudes of history, the complete disappearance of an entire scheme of state furniture is puzzling.
    • The entire parlor was in complete silence as I left and walked up the stairs.
    • After dinner, he took me out to a movie and was a complete gentleman the entire time.
    • They hurl all kinds of abuse at refugees with complete disregard for the truth.
    • From start to finish they showed a complete lack of passion for a game which their supporters want to win most of all.
    • There was, of course, complete silence on the role of blogs in exposing the scandal.
    • He and I, though, were complete opposites other than possessing similar looks.
    • Of course our generation had complete respect for our elders and never ever gave cheek to them or annoyed them.
    • So I have been the most complete idiot for the past week.
    • The events of the past week came as a complete shock to the entire team, as one might expect.
    • However, from our point of view, it has been a complete nightmare in terms of the administration involved.
    • Trips to the shops can be an assault course of complete strangers barracking her with queries over her triplet girls.
    • This, of course, is a complete betrayal of decades of feminist agitation.
    • What poverty meant to the peasants was their virtually complete lack of money.
    • The other is the complete lack of finesse necessary to drive it.
    • An almost complete stranger just asked her to hang with him and his friends.
    • The study was, of course, a complete farce and didn't stand up to even the most basic examination of scientific methodology.
    • Here we were looking at the blazing sunshine of the entire weekend, a complete contrast to our present weather.
    • A single wasp brought an entire factory to a complete standstill after it was spotted on top of a forklift truck.

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