Traducción de complex en Español:


complejo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɒmplɛks//ˈkɑmplɛks/


  • 1

    (idea/person/situation/issue) complejo
    (situation/person/idea/issue) complicado
    • Most studies also do not take into account the complex interplay between different variables in predicting lung volumes.
    • This chapter is written in a clear, understandable style, making it easier to understand the complex legal issues discussed.
    • However, the wider international situation is increasingly complex.
    • Miller's writing is excellent, and he makes some rather complex biochemistry easy to understand.
    • The complex work involved intricate scheduling with cleanup crews and keeping myriad utilities happy.
    • His files are protected by a very complex system of coding and firewalls.
    • In our highly divided and partisan political system, people tend to lack the ability to understand a complex reality.
    • They need time to formulate complex thoughts in an easy language.
    • However, the whole matter of indirect tax liability is devilishly complex and difficult to understand.
    • Features of financial products are becoming far too complex for the common man.
    • Aging is an intricate, complex process that involves many areas of your body.
    • Traffic flow is an extremely complex phenomenon and its complete understanding is quite difficult.
    • Given these highly complex interactions, research in this area frequently yields contradictory conclusions.
    • Reaching political consensus on such complex issues is never easy, given the diversity of interests that must be addressed.
    • In other words, the problems are much more complex than Mr. Baker understands or cares to discuss.
    • Web services are fine, until you start to deal with complex data structures across different platforms.
    • He was all about clarity, making sure people could understand complex stories.
    • It is an enormously complex and difficult problem that defies easy solution.
    • As I have noted a number of times, this is a highly complex issue.
    • The British press and wire services carried a far different and more complex story.
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    (pattern/system/design) complejo
    • Twins can be joined by the head, chest and pelvis, sometimes sharing organs and a complex network of blood vessels.
    • There is a complex network of channels and what look like highways that have been laid out in a massive organized fashion.
    • It claims that the financial proceeds of organised crime are used, via a complex network of intermediaries, to buy the company's cigarettes.
    • In Streedagh's sandhills, there lies a vast and complex network of rabbit burrows.
    • The complex wiring of old networks are gradually being replaced by a cleaner wireless environment.
    • As the vocal folds consist of a complex web of different muscle fibres, the tension and density of vocal folds can vary considerably.
    • Organisms such as fungi have evolved complex networks in which there are centralised and decentralised pathways to move nutrients around.
    • The plant's shoots receive nourishment from a complex network of connections to the roots.
    • The vehicle has four wheels all connected by complex machinery that simple minds like ours can't begin to describe.
    • Because of this, the structure of these converters are quite complex although easy to understand.
    • To reduce the harmful effects of exposure to DNA-damaging agents, the human genome has evolved a complex network of genome stability pathways.
    • It was fascinating how Mr Fox so quickly constructed that complex network of tunnels.
    • The impression one has when looking at maps of large-scale structure is that of a vast cosmic web, a complex network of intersecting chains and sheets.
    • The condition is caused by damage to the complex network of nerves in the neck and shoulder when her arm became stuck behind her mother's pelvic bone during birth.
    • Inside, a skylit atrium runs the full length of the building, connecting its richly complex spaces.
    • The hips, on the other hand, are a very large and complex joint with many different muscles and attachments.
    • Keeping these elements in articulation as they move in different planes requires a complex joint.
    • For me, there is a complex network of paths through the house, all centering on the study where my current project is available for instant scrutiny.
    • Accounting for new irreducibly complex structures by the foregoing mechanisms is a completely different proposition.
    • Three geostationary satellites and a complex network of ground stations will carry out the task.
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    (word/sentence) complejo
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    (variable/number) complejo
    • In addition to his work on geometry, Bolyai developed a rigorous geometric concept of complex numbers as ordered pairs of real numbers.
    • Bombelli was the first person to write down the rules for addition, subtraction and multiplication of complex numbers.
    • He also classified real and complex numbers into classes which are algebraically independent.
    • Mathematicians find uses for complex numbers in solving equations.
    • The same notions can be extended to polynomial equations involving complex numbers.


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    complejo masculino
    a sports/an industrial complex un complejo deportivo/industrial
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    complejo masculino
    she's got a complex about her stammer tiene complejo por ser tartamuda
    • he's got a complex about spiders les tiene fobia a las arañas
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    (set, series)
    serie femenino