Traducción de compress en Español:


comprimir, v.

Pronunciación /kəmˈprɛs//kəmˈprɛs/

verbo transitivo

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    (reduce) comprimir
    (text) condensar
    to compress sth into sth
    • it is compressed into solid blocks se comprime hasta formar bloques compactos
    • he compressed the speech into a short article escribió un breve artículo en el que se condensaba el discurso
    • They can be compressed into nine critical questions.
    • The files are automatically compressed so they're small enough to send via email.
    • Often, large files are compressed to reduce downloading time.
    • When data is compressed automatically, all filing characteristics remain exactly the same.
    • Without a second thought, you'd probably compress the file and send it off.
    • Music compressed using MP3 or equivalent formats requires 1Mb per minute.
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    compresa femenino
    hot/cold compress compresa caliente/fría
    • Symptoms increased with warmth and were relieved partially with cold compresses.
    • Follow with a warm sea salt compress to remove crusting and clean out any infection.
    • Before I knew it, I had worked myself up into a frothing, barking frenzy and had to lay down and put a cold compress on my head.
    • If stung by a fire ant, the first recommended step is to apply a cold compress to relieve the swelling and pain.
    • I am plagued with boils and have tried hot compresses to no avail.
    • Many cold compresses, an elevated leg and all manner of other cures have been to no avail.
    • She continued to place the cool compress on his forehead and dab at his reddened cheeks.
    • She pressed the cold compress to the spot where she hit her head.
    • To relieve a tension headache, apply a cold compress to the back of your neck.
    • However, there are certain situations in which the ginger compress should not be used.
    • He went to place the compress on her head again and she evaded him.
    • So now I've got a cold compress on it, fresh from the freezer.
    • Talk about the magical moments and apply a cold compress to the burns.
    • Gently massage the affected joints in the morning after applying warm compresses to the area.
    • Take them out of the microwave and apply these steamy compresses to your aching body.
    • I took some paracetamol, and did cold compresses, and was just generally in a very bad mood.
    • Pamela was there exchanging cool compresses on his forehead.
    • A ginger compress is safe for most people and in many situations.
    • You can use hot compresses during your bath session.
    • Relieve pain with cool, wet compresses until the corpsman arrives.