Traducción de computerize en Español:


computarizar, v.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpjudəˌraɪz//kəmˈpjuːtərʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (data/records) computarizar
    (data/records) computerizar
    (department/company) informatizar
    • You see, some 350 UK schools have been fingerprinting their pupils without their parents' knowledge, and computerising the information.
    • Operating rooms are moving to computerized perioperative documentation.
    • Bennett's confidence in a perfectly secure computerised system appears to me to be quite far in the future, as yet.
    • His computerized archive currently contains information on over 5,000 artists.
    • They should have a computerised land registry, so that for once and for all, the disputes are a thing of the past.
    • The primary purpose of the project was to compile a comprehensive computerized database of these spaces.
    • After the military, he went to MIT and became interested in corporate and computerized security systems.
    • The members were informed that the Council is currently in the process of computerising the records for the cemetery which will set out in detail all information relating to interments and available grave plots.
    • She's also struggling to make upgrades that the city has requested, like computerizing the dispatch system and installing credit-card machines.
    • He helped computerise the PAYE system - and this apparently is his unique qualification for turning the lumbering government into a lean, mean Internet machine.
    • Most of today's bowlers take the electric eye or computerized foul detectors for granted.
    • Failure to comply with this legislation will mean penalty points for the driver when the penalty point system is fully computerized at the end of this year.
    • I use this information to complete a computerized nutrient analysis of their four-day food record.
    • The first had a computerised photograph, the second an etching.
    • However, the treasury department is now computerizing tax collection information and data is also being kept on delinquent taxpayers still owing the city.
    • Of course, all computerised information is vulnerable, but offline stores, hospitals and your dentist use computers too.
    • Car control systems are increasingly computerized, and the small repair shops find themselves being locked out of technical information they need.
    • The advantages of this study were the large sample size and the fact that the data were based on computerised registries with nearly complete coverage.
    • Over the course of the next several months, I proceeded to computerize the records and train local staff in basic operation of the system.
    • The list of registered patients was cross checked against the lipid clinic computerised diagnostic register.
    • At present, she said, only about a third of US hospitals have computerised systems for doctors to order prescriptions.
    • Today, electromechanical and computerized devices have given the reproducing piano a new lease of life.
    • A transponder fitted to each cow stores a computerised record of individual feed levels.
    • One infers that all of this would be computerised information.
    • There are dozens of stories about computerized voting machines producing erroneous results.
    • Practices that were willing to cooperate were selected if their patient details were stored on a computerised database.
    • Automated computerized detectors then measure the amount of fluorescence for each spot.
    • Simply computerising the current system is unlikely to achieve this.
    • Painted parts can be evaluated using a gravelometer or the latest computerized systems for surface durability.
    • The paper and computerized systems do not interact well, by and large.
    • Scaling and speed requirements lead to mechanical and computerized voting systems.
    • These data derive from computerised child health registers in each health authority and not from target payments.
    • Many consumers think that computerised systems can do pretty much anything.
    • It's a tool which monitors all sorts of computerised files and online information and alerts the user when they've been updated.
    • There were no visible wires so it was obvious that the entire system was computerized.
    • As do most networks, ABC News uses a massive computerized system for tracking and retrieving videotape.
    • The party, if not the campaign, needs its own computerized registration list.
    • The great computerized search engine that was to have scrutinized our every blip has been put on hold by Congress.
    • The notification database has been computerized with the identity card number as the unique identifier.
    • This story about computerized car-security devices doesn't talk about the safety issues.