Traducción de conceivable en Español:


imaginable, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈsivəb(ə)l//kənˈsiːvəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    they used every conceivable means usaron todos los medios imaginables
    • it's just conceivable that he forgot puede ser que se haya olvidado
    • It is for things to be such that it is conceivable or imaginable for knowledge of them to be had which would enable us to know the future.
    • It was the director, hunched forward in his chair before a wall of monitors covering every conceivable angle on the field.
    • She was mentally running through every conceivable reason for her daughter not to make contact.
    • This technology involves 20 cameras filming every home game from every conceivable angle.
    • Then it is argued that what is imaginable or conceivable is metaphysically possible.
    • It is conceivable that such a day could come, but it is certainly not on the horizon now.
    • The pictures covered every conceivable subject and were a credit to those who painted them.
    • Isn't it conceivable he could be almost to Chicago by now, or at least well out of this area?
    • Cars, credit cards and every other conceivable product are today being aimed at women.
    • Is it conceivable that Europe will one day attain the position America has enjoyed?
    • There were countless volumes ranging over almost every subject imaginable and in little conceivable order.
    • What is it, that causes us to pat our own back on every conceivable occasion?
    • It is conceivable that we will find ourselves going to the polls again to redefine our citizenship.
    • It is conceivable that the story of our imaginary graduate student might end more happily.
    • In the meantime, be sure to cover any opinions presented here from all conceivable angles.
    • It makes sense to enquire as energetically as possible into the greatest conceivable truth.
    • There would not be enough room on any conceivable vessel to hold enough specimens of all the species.
    • Yet Brayton clung to them as long as any conceivable argument could be made for them.
    • It's also quite conceivable that he may be in the process of destroying them right now.
    • No conceivable counter-measures effort could possibly have achieved more.