Traducción de conception en Español:


noción, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈsɛpʃ(ə)n//kənˈsɛpʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    noción femenino
    concepción femenino
    they have no conception of the value of money no tienen noción / idea del valor del dinero
  • 2

    • 2.1(of baby, young)

      concepción femenino
      • Defective mitochondria can slow down or prevent the growth of a fertilised egg, preventing conception.
      • Some of the man's sperm is put into the woman's womb at the same time as ovulation (the release of an egg), making conception more likely.
      • A great drama had surrounded my conception and birth.
      • No one even knew about conception until recently.
      • Their names did not appear on the birth certificate because conception had taken place after they died.
      • It's only going to stop conception happening and conception can be prevented numerous other ways so it's not going to do anything to prevent sexual abuse.
      • The three main types of assisted conception are intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilisation, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
      • It is at the moment of conception that the genetic make-up of a child is established.
      • After all, at conception, the fertilized egg has all the information necessary to code for your physical potential.
      • The potential number of muscle cells present at maturity is largely established genetically at conception, with their number completed by the time of birth.
      • I saw her deliver babies regularly, so the mysteries of sex and conception and birth were explained to me as far back as I can remember.
      • The problem claiming the allowance stems from Grace's unusual conception and birth.
      • To accept these proposals would mean we are prepared to forego the principle that life must be consistently protected from conception to birth and settle for a compromise.
      • I defy anyone to provide hard, real-life evidence which would contradict the details of Glen's conception and birth as depicted in these movies.
      • Almost all of them bear a blue plaque detailing someone's birth, death or conception.
      • From conception to birth, I am sure I caused pain.
      • Abortion is the destruction of life after conception and before birth, whereas infanticide is the killing of new-born babies.
      • You could also consider other forms of assisted conception such as egg donation or surrogacy.
      • To argue against it is to, in essence, argue against any form of birth control, because birth control is preventing conception, which is what EC is doing.
      • In those instances where there is potential for fertilisation and conception to occur, a variety of technologies are available to overcome infertility.

    • 2.2(of idea, plan)

      concepción femenino
      • Sources in Tata Motors has said that a minimum of three years was needed from conception to launch.
      • Julia Briggs brings to our attention this intriguing and essential part of Woolf's character by tracing the story of each of her major works from conception, via birth and growth, to completion.
      • But that's the way with novelty productions: What seems like a brilliant idea in conception often proves to have very stubby legs in the real world.
      • Unless you are at the bottom or the pinnacle, it seems that us average designers do both conception and production.
      • This Government believes in making the most of New Zealanders' new ideas by encouraging and supporting them from conception through development to commercialisation.
      • Sensory analysis often provides the tools necessary to guide the product development process from conception through completion.
      • True PLM, according to Daratech, addresses product development from conception through end-of-life disposal.
      • Assessment of circumstances and conception of plans springs from it.
      • After all, they are the ones who have been living with the ideas, conception and finally the fruition of the game.
      • The new software allows the user to complete the entire Web animation process, from conception to the final product.
      • The idea went into production reasonably quickly after conception.
      • From conception of the business idea to being up and running, how long did it take Anita to go from being in the red to being in the in the black?
      • In the commercial industry of publishing and stationary, there are often layers of opinion to hurdle in order to get an idea from conception to market.
      • He said: ‘The idea was in conception before September 11 and was not a reaction to it.’
      • IK contributed to the study conception and design, analysis and interpretation of the data, and drafting the manuscript.
      • It analyses the visions which inspired reconstruction plans, examines their conception and studies the visionaries, both ordinary citizens and the political elite.
      • It's a nice model for those who are also looking to move a product from conception to critical mass at minimal cost, while also ensuring that the critical mass produces a strong revenue stream down the track.
      • An idea may depend upon another idea for its conception, and a body likewise on another body.
      • Still, this was no pet project for Lauder, whose role encompassed everything from idea conception to product development to marketing.
      • I'm involved in the design of websites from conception through to building its contents right to the finished product.