Traducción de conceptual art en Español:

conceptual art

arte conceptual, n.


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    arte conceptual masculino
    • Artists were engaged in such varied practices as minimalism, Earthworks, Photo-realism, conceptual art, performance art, and feminist art.
    • Taking them from the boat and onto the glacial formations of art history required explaining how conceptual art differed from the beaux arts of classical painting or sculpture.
    • With Temptation, Zhan Wang emphatically shifted his mode of sculptural production into the realms of installation and conceptual art.
    • Rosy Naylor founded her label Hatform in 2003, after originally training in sculpture and conceptual art at Glasgow School of Art.
    • In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work.
    • After nearly forty years critics and artists are still defining conceptual art, even as it has since been assimilated by succeeding artists.
    • Another present day hierarchy in art places conceptual art at the apex, followed by paintings, then sculpture, and at the bottom the crafts.
    • Much of Cuban art today is firmly rooted in international aesthetic trends, particularly conceptual art.
    • Driving through fashionable South Austin, it's not uncommon to see outdoor sculptures or conceptual art adorning the front lawns of modest ranch-style houses.
    • Whitfield's solo act is perfectly pitched, and his stage performance is augmented by some elegantly shot short films ranging from genre pastiche to conceptual art.
    • They individually pick and choose among the large range of contemporary styles, from traditional painting to conceptual art.
    • As with abstract expressionism or some conceptual art pieces, from a viewer's perspective many of Barth's pieces offer form, but do not easily open themselves to share their content.
    • In one scene a couple of characters wrestle with the idea of conceptual art.
    • Indeed, it would be hard to decode his work without some experience or knowledge of performance art and conceptual art practices.
    • At January's London Art 2003 art fair, ‘there was a bit of resurgence of painting and less conceptual art shown,’ described Peck.
    • To return to the Reese's analogy, the separate ‘tastes’ of conceptual art and an art informed by a politics of identity have much individual merit, but what do we get when they collide?
    • The 56-year-old artist creates paintings, sculptures and conceptual art, but he is foremost an installation artist.
    • Gillette's method for producing the images combines elements of drawing, digital art, conceptual art and performance.
    • Images of the human hand have been a primary source of visual inspiration for photographers in the expression of gesture and conceptual art.
    • After all, how do you place performance art or conceptual art in a portfolio?