Traducción de conciliatory en Español:


conciliador, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈsɪliəˌtɔri//kənˈsɪlɪətəri/


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    • This contrasts with the conciliatory approach of China, South Korea and Russia.
    • Washington is skeptical of Seoul taking a conciliatory approach to Pyongyang.
    • Even this seemingly conciliatory gesture was in fact an act of defiance.
    • There is little doubt that this represents an extremely conciliatory approach…
    • I anxiously stood up, clutching the towel to my middle, and spread out my palm in a conciliatory gesture.
    • Pro-democracy legislators have been invited to the event in a move seen as a conciliatory gesture from Beijing.
    • The guide is designed to help make divorce less confrontational and to encourage a more conciliatory approach.
    • Articulate, quick on his feet and funny, Devaney takes a conciliatory approach to partisan issues.
    • The common thread in all this seems to be a recognition that the conciliatory approach has failed.
    • Beth squeezed her husband's arm in what appeared to be a conciliatory gesture, before turning away and walking towards the balcony.
    • The deal is largely the result of a more conciliatory approach from Bob Iger, the Disney chief executive who was promoted last October.
    • O'Brien, on the other hand, is mild-mannered and conciliatory in his approach.
    • However, she said she wanted a conciliatory approach taken with the vandals in the true spirit of the sculpture.
    • Until now Orde had been in the forefront of conciliatory approaches to the Republican movement.
    • They have attempted to stop the flow of money abroad by making conciliatory gestures to those who speculate on financial markets.
    • Chairman Johnson had taken a far more conciliatory approach in his handling of the meeting.
    • This conciliatory gesture brought Sun some help from Russia who sent Michael Borodin to Canton.
    • Carranza was acquitted but such conciliatory gestures from Philip were rare.
    • Nevertheless, Sharon faced strong right-wing opposition to any conciliatory gestures in the pursuit of peace.
    • Many people are disillusioned with the reformists' conciliatory approach.