Traducción de concordance en Español:


concordancia, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈkɔːd(ə)ns//kənˈkɔrdns/


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    concordancia femenino
    (index) concordancias femenino
    • Some widely available sets of biblical translations, concordances, commentaries, and dictionaries may require you to buy several CDs in order to acquire the final ‘level’ of reference tools you are seeking.
    • Some prisons restrict inmates' access to Bibles, or prohibit inmates from having concordances or biblical commentaries.
    • The concordances providing word for word breakdowns of Horace's Latin provided quite a challenge.
    • In fact, as a concordance will show, the word ‘love’ does not occur even once in the book of Acts in any context.
    • There is also an index that serves as a concordance for the biblical text.
    • The publication of this concordance of the non-biblical texts from Qumran meets a need that biblical scholars have felt for decades.
    • The concordance at the end of Thornberry's volume lists the subjects of all the articles and letters he has cited.
    • This means that the reader can check a cross reference only by following a cumbersome and avoidable route through the accession number, by way of a concordance at the back of the book.
    • The above concordance is presented for research purposes only.
    • Kelley spent hours working through concordances and the Hebrew text itself so his grammar would be based on the Bible.
    • In the 20th century Oxford produced computer-generated concordances to the early texts of individual plays under the supervision of T. Howard-Hill.
    • It is particularly favoured as an invariant series by which information can be organized in catalogues, concordances, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, indexes, and the like.
    • The concordance provides a comparative listing of rules made by the major American rule makers of the nineteenth and early-twentieth century.
    • Adults who find it difficult to slog through text-heavy concordances will especially appreciate this illustrated Bible.
    • Giannone has a superb grasp of the interrelatedness of O'Connor's themes and provides a helpful concordance of references to her novels and stories.
    • These concordances were further displayed in Zuckerman's introduction.
    • Alexander Cruden completed a concordance of the English Bible in 1737.
    • It is just as easy to access dictionaries, concordances and lexicons, the program having simultaneously located all references to your passage in the books included in your search.
    • Appended are concordances of the Greek text with Gaza's translation.
    • Have them use a concordance to count how many times the Bible speaks of God's love.