Traducción de condone en Español:


aprobar, v.

Pronunciación /kənˈdoʊn//kənˈdəʊn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (conduct/violence) aprobar
    I'm not condoning them no apruebo su conducta
    • A prime minister who condones that behaviour or who does not realise it is happening diminishes himself and his government.
    • Unfortunately, this behaviour is condoned by almost everyone.
    • How can a club promote acceptance and anti - racism if - though not openly condoning his behaviour - they are willing to pay his wages and the best part of £4 million for his services?
    • The complainants objected that the advertisements were offensive and condoned violent and anti-social behaviour.
    • This type of behaviour can never be condoned and the match officials must ensure that a repeat of such behaviour will never happen again.
    • The concept of secrets leads on to group behaviours that are condoned but not desirable.
    • Yes, he did go over the top and such behaviour cannot be condoned, though in the circumstances it is hardly to be wondered at.
    • We are appalled at the irresponsible attitude you have displayed in condoning such anti-social behaviour.
    • I am not condoning the behaviour of these ignorant people, but merely discussing some of the reasons for this behaviour.
    • From this evidence it is clear that homosexuality is not accepted or condoned by society in Bangladesh and it is not possible to live openly as a homosexual in Bangladesh.
    • If people are attracted into a particular structure and the structure allows and condones criminal behaviour, when does that cross over into actually being a criminal organisation?
    • Paedophilia, bestiality, sadomasochism are not behaviours society condones.
    • But, Dylan asks, why do some Catholics think this means that the Church condones their worldly behaviour?
    • Quickly becoming public enemy No1 for condoning Roy Keane's behaviour, Dunphy predicted Ireland were not good enough and at half-time warned of more goals against.
    • ‘Obviously this sort of behaviour should not be condoned,’ he said.
    • She was not condoning loutish behaviour, but expressing concern for the much-vaunted evening economy - a favourite phrase I believe, of Bolton Council.
    • We're never asked to identify with Walter, to fully understand his impulses, or condone his past behaviour.
    • Although we can't condone such fraudulent behaviour, it must come as a relief to his family to see him in gainful employment at last.
    • It is not desirable, but while not condoning the behaviour you try and counsel her and direct her to the parents.
    • No matter where you are from, you cannot condone this behaviour.