Traducción de conductor en español:


director (de orquesta), n.

Pronunciación: /kənˈdəktər//kənˈdʌktə/


  • 1

    director (de orquesta) masculino
    directora (de orquesta) femenino
  • 2

    • 2.1(on bus)

      cobrador masculino
      cobradora femenino
      (masculine and feminine) guarda femenino Río de la Plata
      • But others say the majority of people behave on buses and employing a conductor would put up fares.
      • The relief of tracing Maggie into the forests of Palet was soon dispelled when Cirrus received the phone call from his train conductor that they were broken down.
      • A private bus operator has introduced a hand-held ticketing machine, which allows conductors to print tickets a la railway booking clerks.
      • She claimed she found herself in trouble only after intervening in a ticket dispute between the conductor and a fellow passenger.
      • Train operators and conductors, both of whom carry portable radios, are the first responders to any disaster in the subway.
      • The conductor slowed the train to about five miles an hour, and Reese handed him the money.
      • Officials said the train's engineer and conductor suffered minor injuries.
      • On alighting from the bus, the conductor handed over his ticket to him, revealing the fact that he had paid for his ticket.
      • I was told staff were being encouraged to carry out their duties and commission was being offered to conductors for each ticket.
      • The assistant conductor from our train went off duty and got on 350 to go back east.
      • He has no criminal record and is employed as a train conductor which, on occasion, requires him to cross the Canadian border.
      • Most complaints in the past were about bus operators, who let drivers and conductors increase fares above a tolerable limit.
      • It soon became a group effort as the train conductor and other workers helped move the supplies and eased the job.
      • There is nothing remarkable about this, but a single person was acting as a conductor, rubbish collector, and guard.
      • Only one person was aboard the train: the conductor.
      • Instead of the conductor stopping the train and putting the man off, he first struck him in the face as hard as he could with his fist.
      • In England in those days, you had to give your ticket to the conductor at your destination.
      • On this train, the engineer made sure the conductor had heard the message, and the latter said he would take care of it.
      • On the train home, the train conductor saw our luggage too and arranged, on the phone, a change of platform so that we can easily get the next train.
      • Since many commuters do not understand the BMTC's jargon of stage, often, conductors collecting the fare become the target of their ire and abuse.
      • Another of Tourgee's lines of argumentation in the Plessy case depended on the unreliability of train conductors in determining race.
      • He almost made it off the train when the conductor stopped them both.
      • There is nowhere to buy tickets so if the conductor doesn't turn up, what can I do?
      • So we stopped for 5 minutes while a conductor walked the train looking for it.
      • Shortly after the train is departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets.
      • The conductor sold me the ticket on the train and I got off at Burley in Wharfedale with a load of other people, all dressed in suits as I was.
      • If you see a package unattended, you know, that's the kind of thing you need to bring to the attention of a police officer or a conductor.
      • One morning there was a problem with the train's engine, and the conductor announced that they would be traveling at half-speed.
      • The driver could collect fares, displacing the conductor.
      • I once had a Chief of Police write the train conductor / engineer a ticket for blocking the main drag in town.
      • He said he often saw people get off trains without paying because conductors had not collected fares.
      • The natural enemy of the train conductor is the drunk driver parked on the train tracks at 2 am.
      • Who are the engineers and conductors on the global warming death train?
      • There have been calls for the operators to hire conductors because unreliable ticket machines have led to angry passengers missing trams.
      • The conductor sold us ‘one-ways’ to Egton Bridge and said the line was sometimes busy on a Sunday and quite popular with walkers but seats were not reservable.
      • The driver set off without a backward glance and the conductor began issuing tickets.
      • The conductors moved about the train constantly and announced all stops far in advance.

    • 2.2EEUU (on train)

      revisor masculino
      revisora femenino
      cobrador masculino
      cobradora femenino

  • 3

    Física Electricidad
    conductor masculino