Traducción de conference en Español:


congreso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnf(ə)rəns//ˈkɒnf(ə)r(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (large assembly)
    congreso masculino
    conferencia femenino
    an international conference on Aids un congreso / una conferencia internacional sobre el Sida
    • the annual party conference el congreso anual del partido
    • a medical conference un congreso médico
    • Eleven small groups reported key points in their discussions when the conference reassembled in open session.
    • Some get the opportunity to present papers at conferences and author or share authorship of articles.
    • What sorts of papers does this group discuss at their conferences?
    • Notably absent at the conference was any discussion of whether it is appropriate for universities to market themselves as brands.
    • As well as an ideas sharing forum the conference is also a hub for marine research and conservation and includes experts who advise zoos and aquariums how to breed endangered species in captivity.
    • And to serve this objective, Egypt has been heavily involved in many regional and international meetings and conferences.
    • This time however, he was very much subdued and hardly contributed to the discussions in the conference.
    • By night, and on his few days off, he has until recently led another life as head of a union, recruiting new members, running meetings, and representing the group in international conferences.
    • Last October, the prince invited a group of writers and teachers to a weekend conference to discuss the teaching of English and history in state schools.
    • But since I'm sure they have these discussions during conferences, it's a vain hope.
    • Intended for international conferences, the convention centre will also have a business centre, a media console and an exclusive resource centre.
    • This is a major achievement for Listowel and we can now build on our success to attract other national and international conferences to North Kerry.
    • Experts from across the country will meet in Sheffield tomorrow at a conference to discuss the growing problem of liver disease caused by alcohol abuse.
    • Councillors, health bosses and smoking campaigners are holding a conference in Bolton to discuss new ways of cleaning up the city's air and helping more smokers quit.
    • The main issue up for discussion at the weekend conference was council tax.
    • In Italy, Spain, and the Middle East, conferences, discussions, and conversations do not always end at a specified time.
    • The conference will include a discussion on the new techniques in sign and oral methods of teaching and learning process.
    • And in a few years, they'll be utterly mundane, and it will seem ludicrous that anyone ever wrote articles about them, held conferences to discuss them.
    • It is one of a number of measures discussed at a conference held in the city bringing together experts in bereavement from across the country.
    • The Fire Brigades Union discussed at its annual conference yesterday whether to hold a ballot which could lead to walkouts within a month.
    • Without having their flights and accommodation paid for, freelances would find it hard to attend major international medical conferences and meetings.
    • The festival has also set up conferences for musicians interested in song workshops, learning the business side of their field, or even discussing the nuts and bolts of being an independent artist.
    • He contributed to the education of many of the present day mathematicians in Turkey, not only by his lectures but also through illuminating discussions in conferences and seminars.
    • We were in groups for the conference and had to discuss and comment on various things.
    • When we bump into each other at meetings or conferences we share a momentary nostalgia because we bumped into each other in activist circles back then.
    • He found further support for this view in the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and international conferences.
    • A large number of people in the nuclear industry have been attending a major conference in Sydney to discuss whether nuclear power is inevitable or irrelevant.
    • So there came a time when the commander had to go away for a two-month-long conference to discuss plans for army force reductions.
    • It is capable of handling both national and international conferences, and has many other top class facilities.
    • Interesting technological takes on context-awareness and privacy discussed at the conference?
    • However, in a public online discussion just before the conference, he also described the pitfalls, and how ecotourism development can fail.
    • A three-day conference began here to discuss Indian and Swedish languages and different cultures.
    • Representatives from the UK and abroad were at the conference to share good practice in tackling gun crime.
    • The seven-day fest will be enhanced by seminars, discussions and conferences.
    • Individuals were selected from each panel to present these topics at the conference for discussion in the working group sessions.
    • Let us go through an international conference to reach a convention in the United Nations.
  • 2

    (meeting, discussion)
    conferencia femenino
    to hold a conference celebrar una conferencia
    • to be in conference with sb estar en reunión con algn
    • conference room sala de juntas / reuniones
    • at the conference table en la mesa de las negociaciones
  • 3EEUU

    liga femenino
    • It's not hard to find good teams in the mid-major conferences.
    • But it feels disrespectful to the teams outside the power conferences to lump them together and judge them in relation to one another, so I won't continue to do it.
    • Memphis was 7-3 entering the week, but six of the victories were against teams from lesser conferences.
    • It also has shown it can compete with teams from major conferences.
    • They're one of three teams in the conference without a winning record at home, where they are 16-16.
    • In the new format, each team will play six division games, four against a division in its own conference, and four against teams in the other conference.
    • Each team will contest nine 50-overs matches against the other teams in their conference with all games played in coloured clothing and with a white ball.
    • When you play in a conference, other league teams know your tendencies and schemes and personnel from year to year.
    • This is where the best team in the best conference in college football plays.
    • Having certain teams switch conferences should have been examined more closely.
    • I am tired of the strong stance that they want to take with football without helping the conference in other sports.
    • This is the best team in the best conference in football, the Big 12.
    • Still, both teams have the misfortune of playing in the divisions with the best teams in their conferences, so both are more likely to be wildcard contenders.
    • As it stands now, six teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs - the four division winners and two wild-card entries.
    • There will be times when teams from those conferences will be forced to play on Fridays anyway.
    • Last year, through the bizarre calculations approved by the major college sports conferences, Miami was denied its chance at the national championship.
    • For Kansas State, however, the motivation to load up on teams from low-major conferences is different.
    • If you weren't good enough to be one of the top six teams in your conference, you aren't deserving of going to the playoffs.
    • There are home school sports conferences and organizations throughout the country.
    • That leaves seven teams scrambling for the conference's four remaining spots in the playoffs, which start April 17.