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configuración, n.

Pronunciación /kənˌfɪɡəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//kənˌfɪɡ(j)əˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    Informática Química Astronomía
    configuración femenino
    • These are citizens without power, with only their place within the class configuration to preserve their identity.
    • The 767 will accommodate any combination of these configurations.
    • That way he could arrange them in different configurations to determine spacing.
    • The electron configurations of atoms are how the electrons are distributed among the principal energy levels, sublevels, and orbitals.
    • There's no need for special software, hardware or configuration on client devices.
    • As a result of the 1839 partition, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg got its present configuration.
    • The seating configuration of the plane is two six-seater pockets, and I find myself seated back-to-back with Arnold.
    • Unlike the statue spot, where viewers had to struggle past the artisans or through trees to get a glimpse of the musicians, the new configurations offers crisp sight lines to the hands laying frantic beats.
    • The hexagonal pattern at the center of the image is likely to be associated with the hexagonal packing configuration of lipid molecules.
    • A nucleophile is any negative ion or neutral molecule whose electronic configuration consists of at least one unpaired electron pair.
    • These discrete building blocks must have individually useful optical properties and easily integrate with other optical materials in a broad range of configurations.
    • He demonstrated that the most stable configuration for some molecules was some intermediary structure between two other structures.
    • Some like a particular configuration of landscape elements, others don't.
    • A friend of mine goes with the theory that there is no self, rather that he is a configuration of infinite diverse elements in a state of constant change.
    • The configuration is circular, with showcases arranged along two semicircular walls with an opening in the center.
    • It's like a brass flower designed in the same configuration or shape as the old 78 players.
    • Families, these days, as perhaps they always did, come in a huge array of shapes, sizes and configurations.
    • In principle, there may be several architectural solutions involving different network, software, and hardware configurations.
    • They then subjected various configurations to finite element analysis.
    • It's a long wheelbase job that not only provides a great deal more space in the back but also offers a choice of seating configurations, new trim and equipment options as well as a variety of communications and multi-media packages.
    • In contemporary Britain, the ‘working mother’ is the figure around which many bio-political configurations are organized.
    • The strong trend in the past few years has been to combine them into configurations that maximise the use you can get out of their features.
    • There are many shapes, colours and configurations available.
    • Software and hardware configurations keep most of the intruders at bay, but being able to recognise abnormal activity when it occurs seems to be the best method.
    • Thanks to versatile seating configurations and an extra 16 inches of wheelbase and overall length, this truck carries a large volume of gear in a variety of shapes and sizes.
    • The configuration presents the appearance of a logistic supply ship without the obvious display of force.
    • In this configuration the molecule is slightly more stable.
    • Performance will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations.
    • Also, make sure the slowdown is due to the software, not user configuration or possibly hardware mishandling.
    • Today, however, the lamps are available in a wide range of styles, configurations and shapes.
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    configuración femenino