Traducción de confirm en Español:


confirmar, v.

Pronunciación /kənˈfərm//kənˈfəːm/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(substantiate)

      (reservation/order/report) confirmar
      we were confirmed in our suspicions nuestras sospechas se vieron confirmadas
      • A law enforcement source confirms investigators believe the bombers used a peroxide-based explosive called HNDT.
      • We knew that something foul was happening, and the diagnosis just confirmed our fears, really.
      • Call your stylist and confirm your appointment on Prom day.
      • I received a phone call confirming my appointment for tomorrow, just after lunch.
      • Yet these findings are endlessly cited and cross-referenced as if by now they confirm a tiresome truth: leftist domination of the universities.
      • So this ‘crisis summit’ at least confirms one apparently forgotten truth.
      • Fingerprints will only be taken with the person's written consent - but failure to provide them may lead to further checks to confirm a suspect's identity.
      • They will normally send a letter confirming the appointment, the location, and the examination's scope.
      • This is a book which confirms the adage that truth is stranger than fiction.
      • Again, testing can help confirm a diagnosis suspected on clinical grounds.
      • Well did you bother checking with her agency to confirm her arrangements in this country?
      • That truth has been confirmed by a survey today.
      • The Professor called her to confirm the appointment and asked about the purpose of the meeting.
      • But its figures confirmed the widespread fear in schools that they were up against demographics as much as private sector salaries.
      • Foreign doctors arriving in the United States can proceed through accelerated programs established to confirm their training and expertise.
      • I enter the surgery, confirm my appointment at the desk, and take a seat.
      • Yesterday I rang her to confirm the final arrangements for meeting up at the beginning of next week.
      • We were told that the mortgage would be paid off within 10 years with a surplus bonus at current interest rates and received a letter confirming this arrangement.
      • I rudely hang up on a nice lady from a PR company who was very kindly taking the time out of her hectic schedule to ring and confirm some travel arrangements for me.
      • Although the wild pair's wedding date has yet to be publicly confirmed it is believed their hearts were set on tying the knot later this month.
      • Forty years of sanguine, sorry history have confirmed this truth in Algeria.
      • The briefing in my mind confirmed the correctness of where Labor was headed in terms of our policy.
      • This time, a female officer wanted to confirm the intruder had left the premises and asked for a description of him.
      • If the truth as you suspect it is confirmed, you can take a deep breath and at least know that you can trust yourself.
      • Suspected scabies may be confirmed by microscopic identification of the mite or its feces in skin scrapings.
      • Passengers who have already made bookings have now been told to confirm their arrangements - or risk losing them.
      • Certainly all historical experience confirms the truth - that man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible.
      • It is a good idea to check this with the receptionist when you confirm your appointment.
      • On arrival at the surgery, a receptionist confirmed her appointment and pointed to the adjacent waiting room.
      • The truth was reluctantly confirmed by the Pentagon after news reports corroborated the evidence.
      • Findings in our 11 patients confirm some previously reported findings, but we have made several new observations.
      • If they are prepared to wait a few days, we can send a letter confirming the appointment and which carpenter it is with.
      • Once the appointment is confirmed the salesperson can then plan their sales presentation.
      • This apparently well conducted study also confirms the previously established benefits of antibiotics in reducing the duration of symptoms.

    • 1.2formal (ratify)

      (agreement/treaty) ratificar
      • He said he'd been sent to Australia by the leaders in Malaysia and that they had later come to Sydney to confirm his appointment as a leader of the local group.
      • This of course confirmed her in her opinion, for Grandpa's pride in his own awfulness was his distinguishing trait.
      • And this confirmed me in my conviction that the surest way to steal the meaning, and therefore the power, from religion is to deliver it to politics, to enslave it to public life.
      • We think the risk is that it will confirm him in his view that there is no problem and he can continue with policies that are damaging the country.
      • The Anglican Church in America has voted to confirm the appointment of an openly gay bishop.
      • Two items in the press confirm me in that diagnosis.
      • Viewing the radiographic evidence confirmed him in the idea that he had arrived at.
      • These objects confirmed us in a traditional humanist understanding of the world beyond our own.
      • The sacrament of marriage is in this context at best a matter of romantic deference to tradition, confirming a decision already taken to ‘live together’.
      • It hardens our racial categories and confirms us in our bad habit of treating race like it's real.
      • When will the Magisterium learn that it is there to confirm us in our prejudices and a priori assumptions, not to make us think?
      • It has only confirmed me in my belief that those who call sports talkback shows to complain about the performance of elite sportspeople have usually never played elite sport themselves!
      • The phenomenal response to it from all over the country confirmed him in his idea of producing a CD with us, a project which we owe entirely to him.
      • No doubt the debacle will confirm them in their scepticism.
      • Regardless, its relative failure probably confirmed him in his preference for lighter subjects.
      • I think it likely that this further information confirmed him in his view that he must have it.
      • The two were dismissed, and this decision was confirmed by a director.
      • This one sentence, carefully read would have answered your first question and confirmed you in your concerns.
      • The longer we stay, the more they are confirmed in that view.
      • He had resigned that summer, and when the news reached Dutch Harbor it only confirmed me in my cynicism.
      • If anything, it confirmed them in their resolve to do the right thing as they saw it and not give in to the pressures of one side or the other on this issue.
      • The deal to confirm his appointment was rubber-stamped after he attended Saturday's 3-0 victory at Watford.
      • But I can tell fans of the Lions that some thoroughly good appointments were confirmed last week.
      • I believed that when I wrote it, and a long lifetime rich in varied experience of the world, in study and in reflection confirms me in it.
      • A special meeting of the full council scheduled for Monday to confirm the new appointment has subsequently been cancelled.
      • In the time since, I have done further research in this area, which has confirmed me in my conclusions.
      • This decision was confirmed by the English Court of Appeal.
      • Secondly, there was no evidence called to indicate that the Board of Directors ever approved, ratified or confirmed any agreement.
      • What has confirmed me in this suspicion is the news that the model railway manufacturer has just had its most successful Christmas since the Seventies, largely due to the patronage of older people.
      • A body as unrepresentative as the United States Senate should not be confirming lifetime appointments, especially by simple majority vote.
      • I thank her for confirming my decision and dismiss the matter from my mind.
      • Five days after the appointment of the Administrator by the Board, a meeting of all the creditors, including the workers, is held to confirm that appointment.
      • The Council confirmed the appointment of a new manager at a meeting of the authority's safer communities committee this week.
      • Two weeks ago his appointment was unanimously confirmed by the Senate.
      • And in 1598 the Privy Council confirmed this arrangement by granting them a joint monopoly.
      • His appointment was confirmed by the club management at a recent meeting.
      • All that clause states is that the High Court confirms appointments.
      • The head teacher expelled them in June and the school's governors confirmed the decision.
      • The Cabinet's decision was confirmed at its meeting last Tuesday.
      • Two of the six had already found other jobs due to the long wait to confirm their appointments.

    • 1.3confirmed past participle

      (bachelor/liar) empedernido
      she is a confirmed believer in strict discipline cree firmemente en la disciplina

  • 2

    • The Western Church confirms its members at various ages (commonly age 12-15 in Canada).
    • Yet most Catholic parents will make practicing Catholicism mandatory for their children and the Church confirms young adults usually around 14.
    • As a child raised in France, she had been baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church, but abandoned its dogmas early on.