Traducción de conformity en Español:


conformidad, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈfɔːmɪti//kənˈfɔrmədi/


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    conformidad femenino
    he shows a slavish conformity to fashion es un esclavo de la moda
    • The influence of autonomous public opinion on legislation ensured that such legislation would be in conformity with reason - otherwise the rule of law would be little more than a cruel and empty phrase.
    • In these each aspirant's contribution was judged, in conformity with strict, somewhat pedantic rules, on his song's sacred content: its prosody, its rhyme, and its melody.
    • Leaders must act in conformity with these accepted standards as they carry out the activities mandated by society.
    • This is generally in conformity with the court decision, save that it puts no controls on when strip searches may be done in a police station.
    • The State must evolve a legal framework for development of tourism in conformity with international standards, and create conditions for the promotion of cultural tourism.
    • In the first place. it is for the legislature to ensure that national legislation is in conformity with the rules of the Convention.
    • If the national measure is based merely upon the international standard, but not in conformity with it, there is no presumption in its favour, but a complaining member must make a prima facie case in favour of inconsistency.
    • The staff expressed the hope that the administration and governing board would act in conformity with these standards.
    • The new administrators would take their instructions from the party, would be responsible to the party, and would conduct affairs in conformity with the party's priorities and aspirations.
    • ‘Apart from the formation of the layout, the state also wants to ensure it is done in conformity with the law and it is also hassle-free,’ he said.
    • To what extent is this in conformity with the EU's requirements?
    • If, on the other hand, the families of the deceased refused to show mercy and, instead, demanded justice in the form of a life for a life, the State was obliged to enforce capital punishment in conformity with the law of equity in justice.
    • We would look at it in conformity with Spanish law.
    • The new rules has been formulated in conformity with the guide lines earlier issued by the Supreme Court.
    • Treatment of the sewerage is in conformity with the regulations and standards set by the Environmental Council Zambia.
    • The staff again urged that the dismissal action be rescinded and that any further action be in conformity with generally accepted standards for academic due process.
    • These objectives restate the Government's absolute commitment to act in conformity with international law, including the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law.
    • All surgical interventions and anesthesia were conducted in conformity with institutional guidelines.
    • The measures taken are bound nonetheless to remain in conformity with applicable international law.
    • For emergency purposes we provide sufficient safety facilities like life jackets for passengers and all are in conformity with maritime regulations.