Traducción de congestion en Español:


congestión, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈdʒɛstʃ(ə)n//kənˈdʒɛstʃ(ə)n/


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    (with traffic) congestión femenino
    (with people) abarrotamiento masculino
    • The car park will also hopefully ease traffic congestion and parking difficulties.
    • They are a major cause of congestion and take up too much precious space.
    • Free from the weekday congestion, the traffic raced wildly, shifting lanes as if in a video game.
    • At the moment traffic in York is being restrained simply by congestion itself.
    • Traffic will take to minor narrower roads causing even worse congestion and gridlock.
    • Up top the band can often take up a large area of the dance floor and cause a lot of congestion.
    • That's the message from a new project to reduce congestion and improve the health of York children.
    • This would help counter claims the bridge was adding to congestion in Edinburgh.
    • Using a light touch, the therapist helps to clear areas of congestion and stagnation.
    • The bus lanes are designed to ease traffic congestion but they remain controversial.
    • Many group members are car owners and know only too well the difficulties caused by road congestion.
    • This was a three-mile dual carriageway designed to make traffic congestion a thing of the past.
    • Traffic congestion is a serious issue which is causing concern to many residents and traders in our area.
    • If you are frustrated by road congestion or overcrowded trains you can add your support to our campaign.
    • Road rage is not one of my vices but I do get frustrated if I am stuck in traffic either due to road works or congestion.
    • Residents fear increased congestion, more noise and rides creating an eyesore.
    • Even then there was congestion on the bridge as a result of resurfacing work.
    • The incident caused congestion on surrounding roads as police cleared the area.
    • This often creates congestion and difficulties with parking and access around schools.
    • This will, it is hoped, take traffic off the roads and help to ease congestion.
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    congestión femenino