Traducción de conical en Español:


cónico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɒnɪk(ə)l//ˈkɑnək(ə)l/


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    • What appeared to be a green hologram of some sort of conical machine had taken up residence in the square, and there were crowds of black and red gathered around it.
    • In the south, conical grass huts provide warmth and safety from heavy rains and more variable climates.
    • Due to the double conical shape, the lower part can be placed exactly inside the upper part.
    • Spherical disk blades provide better herbicide mixing than conical disk blades.
    • In these cases the whole structure has a more conical shape, with the apex down and its size expanding upwards.
    • The four-bedroom houses have a conical shaped roof and turret shaped sitting rooms and come with a detached garage.
    • They were conical in shape, balanced on thick pillars and set in the valley of the gods' sea.
    • The space station has an odd shape, a donut with a conical re-entry vehicle at the center.
    • The gas is forced to spiral ever inwards towards the axis of the conical section with increasing tangential velocity.
    • The dorsal outline of this species is slightly convex, whereas that of our material is nearly conical.
    • The ancestral tooth shape is conical, but there are numerous variations depending on the diet of the fish.
    • Cut the dough in half, transfer one piece to a buttered bowl, and knead the dough to form a conical shape.
    • Under that long nose is a pair of conical, carbonfibre crush cones.
    • The conical shape of a volcano became visible at first, its top slightly lopsided from the last time it erupted.
    • Thus, unlike spherical and conical inserts the chisel insert may be directionally oriented about its center axis.
    • The cortical area is clearly defined from the inverted conical or pyramid-shaped medulla.
    • Ice pellets are quite moderate in size and are composed of clear ice, sometimes conical in shape.
    • The interface between the oil and water will change shape depending on the voltage applied across the conical structure.
    • The shape of the conical tower on the left is almost exactly the same as the shape of the view up the street.
    • Even the conical containers and the garden seating defied gravity.