Traducción de conker en Español:


castaña (de Indias), n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɒŋkə//ˈkɑŋkər/



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    castaña (de Indias) femenino
    • Here, each competitor randomly selects a conker from a bag, rather than play with his own equipment.
    • These ranged from the traditional knockabout with a conker on a string, to a conkernut shy, a play on the coconut version, and wingseed throwing.
    • Overprotectionism is killing the age old theory that sometimes the best way to learn what is dangerous is to get hit in the eye with a conker…
    • The inevitable dehydration that this involves causes the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and cushions the brain to dry up, allowing the brain to rattle around inside the skull like a conker in a biscuit tin.
    • Baking a conker makes it more likely to shatter.
    • Each player takes turns to swing their conker at the others.
    • Strong conkers were gathered in the woods, carefully dried, bored and threaded onto pieces of strong string with a secure double knot under the conker.
    • It's a beautiful thing, the leather rich brown and shiny as a conker and trimmed with brass.
    • I can't think of anything less palatable than setting my alarm for 8.30 am and actually getting up when it goes off - it makes me feel like a conker being prized from its casing too soon.
    • In other words a nationwide band of amateurs who watch the landscape for signs of seasonal change - the first cuckoo, the first frogspawn, the first conker, that sort of thing.
    • ‘We take the conker out on the pub crawl and then before a match it gets passed around and we rub it rather hopefully,’ Dave continued.
    • Competition in the ring was ferocious as fearless competitors risked their knuckles and aimed to split the conker at the end of a leather string held by their opponent.
    • Also because of ‘conker’ season and the fact that he knew secrets about how to make your conker really strong, we grew brave enough to speak to him every day.
    • Now on reading a typical party election manifesto, I have never been made aware of any party political concerns about the disgraceful risk of being hit on the head by a conker.
    • Did you opt for a few preliminary skirmishes to test out the ability of your conker to achieve the all important swing/force ratio, or did you immediately challenge the owner of the champion conker in the hope of immediate glory.
    • No danger of falling coconuts there, just the occasional conker.
    • An old date book, a leaf from a tree in Greece, a conker from Paris, a knife stolen from the Ritz, part of a love letter, etc. - all are carefully arranged to create the best effect.
    • Plan B was to use a drill, of the electric kind, but this proved hazardous to one health from the result of a clip round ear from father who didn't take kindly to the holes left in the kitchen worktop after the drill had passed through the conker.
    • I picked up a shiny, fresh conker in the street as I walked around Canonbury and Highbury for a couple of hours.
    • Picking the right conker is a big gamble, but usually as long as it's fresh and has a nice gloss it will be fine.