Traducción de connive en Español:


actuar en complicidad, v.

Pronunciación /kəˈnaɪv//kəˈnʌɪv/

verbo intransitivo

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    actuar en complicidad
    actuar en connivencia formal
    to connive with sb actuar en complicidad con algn
    • He said Government had received reports that the illegal trade involved foreigners who allegedly connived with the local authority for illegal issuance of timber licences.
    • The environmentalists have connived with the logging-to-prevent-fires scam for political reasons.
    • Furthermore, even if people can prove that they have been persecuted, they must also prove that the state connived in that persecution at high level.
    • Thoughts, erratic and conniving, in a word evil, ran through her mind.
    • As the next general election is now much closer, we should all be examining which political parties and politicians are fighting for Britain and which are conniving in the process of plunging us ever deeper into the EU.
    • All the lies, deceit, conniving and games I endured while I was with him have made me frightened to date again.
    • I believe that most public servants like their jobs, believe that they're acting in the public interest, would not consciously assist in or connive in something that was clearly morally wrong, let alone criminal.
    • In China, on-air conniving by reality-show contestants could be lost in the fog of political correctness.
    • The volunteers themselves typically connived in the shift, since those who chose to go on the public payroll were grandfathered into the new municipal unions.
    • They are scheming and conniving and sometimes thoughtlessly cruel, too.
    • I don't really care about catching up on how my beloved soap characters have been scheming and conniving.
    • We have handed special advisers immense power by conniving in their attempts to manage the flow of news.
    • It featured some horrendous claims about anthropologists abusing a South American tribe and even conniving in their deaths from introduced diseases.
    • Each wants to win, and to do so they must connive and scheme.
    • Equally protean and conniving, she is his partner in crime and spirit.
    • The woman who loves him struggles and connives to find the evidence that will clear him.
    • Some accuse the manufacturers and retailers of conniving in the premature death of old technology.
    • First he works for the Labour government and, by his own admission, connives in the government's systematic lying.
    • Even as the threats of war loomed and grew more certain, Labor and the conservative parties connived in the emasculation of our fighting services.
    • It was one of those rare smiles that had nothing behind it, nothing sinister, malicious or conniving, it was a true smile.
    • Banks do not generally satisfy the ‘triggers terms’ of environmental legislation such as carrying on, causing, knowingly permitting, or consenting to and conniving in environmental damage.
    • He had allegedly used his influence to enable his wife and children to engage in illegal activities, accepted valuable gifts as bribes and connived with his two secretaries to commit crimes.
    • And even worse, he may take the weekends to plan and conspire and connive and make sure that he isn't caught when he goes back on his shooting spree during the week.
    • None of these people want to be fingered for conniving in lying to the Australian people, let alone on a matter like this.
    • There is no place for anyone who condones it, conceals it or connives with it.
    • She was strict, manipulative, and conniving, but she was also generous with her abilities and caring.
    • This was not a minor breach of behaviour; it was murder connived at by agents of the State.
    • But what was less explicable than this working-class defeatism was to hear those who regarded themselves as progressive liberals conniving in it.
    • I am fierce, powerful, ambitious, and if need be, conniving.
    • This is an extraordinary state of affairs; an Act of Parliament is barely on the statute book before the Government brazenly connives at preventing it from taking effect.
    • She's good at conniving and scheming and she knows it, no doubt she will twist the police against me.
    • He gets out of the fenced backyard, then connives to hide the evidence.
    • There are cries of how lawyers and others have allegedly connived in the misapplication of justice.
    • But the time is long past for such absurd mythology, which has provided a perennial alibi for those who connived in the destruction of the mining industry.
    • Is it the dishonest claimants or those members of the professions who stand to gain so much and lose so little by conniving at their lack of scruple?
    • The accusation that the king aimed at increasing the royal prerogative or deliberately connived at secret influence will not bear scrutiny.
    • I feel that those who portray an aggressive, vulgar, debased attitude towards life are conniving in that life, and I think publishers should reject them.
    • And scarily, it is green activists who are conniving at the abuse and murder of rural Britain.
    • Married to a multimillionaire, she has hustled, harangued, conspired and connived to get Athens to the finish line.
    • The two were found to be conniving with an inter-state flesh trade gang, whose three members were arrested by the police last Friday.
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    to connive at sth ser cómplice en algo
    • I refuse to connive at this deception me niego a ser cómplice en este engaño