Traducción de consciousness-raising en Español:


concientización, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɒnʃəsnəsˌreɪzɪŋ//ˈkɑnʃəsnəsˌreɪzɪŋ/


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    concientización femenino América Latina
    concienciación femenino España
    before noun consciousness-raising campaign campaña de concientización femenino
    • The contacts and connections among women that these structures fostered facilitated consciousness-raising, a heightened awareness of the myriad forms of sexism and their debilitating effects.
    • Despite years of consciousness-raising about the damaging effects of prejudice, stigma against overweight children is as common - if not more common - as it was 40 years ago, studies suggest.
    • Authentic political education or consciousness-raising did not occur.
    • Instead, they are vast, permanent networks of well-connected people willing to put in small amounts of time - often in the form of lobbying and consciousness-raising - against a few targeted diseases.
    • His set of instructions began with the basics of putting line down on paper, a first step toward global consciousness-raising.
    • It facilitates bonding through humour and consciousness-raising.
    • The point is that consciousness-raising foregrounded one of feminism's most powerful insights, which is that experience does not transparently reflect a pre-given reality, but rather is itself a cultural construction.
    • Third, these organs give little attention to consciousness-raising through education or promotional activities that many observers would identify as indispensable components of an effective UN programme.
    • My favourite consciousness-raising effort is one I have mentioned many times before (and I make no apology, for consciousness-raising is all about repetition).
    • It was a melting pot of New Leftists and former communists, and the group engaged in strike support and union organizing, political strategizing and consciousness-raising.
    • The group engaged in both consciousness-raising and activism.
    • I mean, I can't control what other people think, but I'm still enough of an activist to attempt a little subtle consciousness-raising when I can.
    • She has resorted to metaphors of fluidity, for example; but in the end neither Swedish social-welfare programs nor consciousness-raising can actually make heterosexual relationships equal.
    • Perhaps his greatest contribution to local consciousness-raising though was his work as local municipal librarian.
    • We feminists need to commit to consciousness-raising outside of the classroom, put our politics into practice, and refuse to let an academic version of Women's Studies be the sole space to learn about feminism and social justice.
    • Fellowship meetings can thus serve as a form of consciousness-raising but it is important not to rationalize away their religious aspect since they also strengthen women's faith.
    • Efforts to provide equality of access for full participation in society lead social change through consciousness-raising.
    • An assault intervention can be approached as would most interpersonal problems at camp including remedies such as problem solving, education, consciousness-raising, and boundary setting.
    • You need five years of consciousness-raising before you find the handle.
    • She said that while she would help with the physical rebuilding of the destroyed areas if asked, she felt the most important thing she could do there is consciousness-raising.