Traducción de consolation prize en Español:

consolation prize

premio de consolación, n.


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    premio de consolación masculino
    premio (de) consuelo masculino Cono Sur
    • So, this lovely lady had a beer as a consolation prize!
    • Only in Cannes can a best-director scroll seem like a consolation prize.
    • Besides a consolation prize, the school management also gave certificates to all participants.
    • Their cafe latte is as good a consolation prize as you could hope for.
    • If the Commonwealth Games is a consolation prize after the disappointment of two failed Olympic bids, it is proving a valuable one.
    • The father has to be satisfied with a mere consolation prize.
    • After all, every child up to 18 months was entitled to a consolation prize.
    • Think of it as your cosmic consolation prize for a 70 + year human lifespan.
    • A consolation prize of at least $10,000 will be paid if less than eight winners are picked.
    • Such points are not merely a consolation prize either.
    • His consolation prize wasn't too bad, the Player of the Year Award.
    • Over 6,000 in prize money is on offer and all unplaced greyhounds will receive a consolation prize.
    • The other close-but-not-quite-there bard will get a consolation prize of dining with me next week.
    • A two-week holiday in Cape Town was the consolation prize.
    • As a softheaded liberal, I even like the idea that our competitive culture has a built-in consolation prize.
    • In his case the consolation prize is a life of unimaginable wealth and leisure, with plenty of time and resources to do good works.
    • But an incredible consolation prize is waiting for a team next season.
    • If you haven't quite got the grades to take up the university place you thought was yours this autumn, you may find that taking a gap year is an enjoyable consolation prize.
    • But walking away with hundreds of millions of dollars for a failed vision isn't a shabby consolation prize.
    • The message is clear - you're never going to make him respect you as an equal so you'd better accept the consolation prize of chivalry.