Traducción de construction site en Español:

construction site

obra, n.


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    obra femenino
    • The airport looked like a construction site from our position about half a mile away.
    • So there was a rumor of these large metal tubes lying in a construction site somewhere in the Bay Area.
    • A construction site has not been selected yet, but work is expected to begin in 2010.
    • Just what kind of unknown objects may be lurking underground at a former construction site?
    • Trucks carrying building materials drove straight into the construction site for their loads to be winched up and used straight away.
    • It could be a construction site as a building takes shape, or a demolition site as one is torn down.
    • I could now see the unfinished buildings of the approaching construction site.
    • It takes her a little while to recognize him as the one who ran the small dozer at the construction site across the road.
    • The injunction permanently banning the group's presence outside the construction site was lifted for the duration of the day.
    • Police and the Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident on a construction site in Sheffield.
    • More often a tranquil haven in a bustling city, the Queen's garden at Buckingham Palace now resembles a construction site.
    • It is for the construction site of the new convention center.
    • He was tired on this particular weeknight, and went to bed early after having gotten home from a long hard day on the construction site.
    • Relatives living in the shadows of the tattered construction site begged to differ however.
    • Similar measures were taken at the student dormitories of two universities and a construction site.
    • Only then did I realise I'd married in front of an enormous mural depicting a construction site.
    • That multitask capability adds to their versatility and value on a construction site.
    • Next door was a construction site and a big, noisy building was being erected.
    • He lost his sight at the age of 24 in a works accident when he was hit between the eyes with an iron bar on a construction site.
    • It is not yet known if the man was working on the road itself or on a construction site nearby.