Traducción de consul general en Español:

consul general

cónsul general, n.


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    cónsul general femenino
    • In March 1963 a note from the US consul general in Georgetown, Everett Melby, confirms the agreement between the US and Britain.
    • But Zheng later left the Australian consulate after a meeting with the acting consul general, saying his request for asylum has been rejected because he cannot meet the criteria of a political refugee.
    • One diplomat was quoted as saying that the main purpose of the policy was to confirm that the ambassadors and consuls general abroad are the main representatives of the Indonesian government.
    • In connection with complaints from some Turkish business people over difficulties obtaining a Bulgarian visa, Vassilev said that he and the Bulgarian consul general have discussed this issue.
    • The acting consul general in Miami is also co-ordinating with the consuls general of other Caricom countries to obtain information about Caribbean nationals, it added.
    • He is credited with improving the American consul general office's relations with Bermuda's 67,000 residents.
    • Jiang Wei, the Chinese consul general in Vancouver, said his country plans to ease import restrictions for seed potatoes soon and test more growing technologies in order to meet an insatiable appetite for French fries.
    • This was announced by the Italian consul general, Mr Agostino Pinna, after a meeting with the chief minister today.
    • A delegation from Botswana's Francistown City Council, accompanied by their consul general to South Africa Moeng Phetho, arrived here yesterday to discuss twinning arrangements with the city.
    • The workers have tried, without success, to get the Korean consul general to intervene.
    • The consul general pledged financial support towards that undertaking.
    • Exhibition organizers were told that the French consul general would not attend the event, since he did not wish to be photographed in the vicinity of the politically sensitive work.
    • To become the consul general for any major city in the US, one must be appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and approved by the Prime Minister.
    • He obtained a new passport from the British consul general's office in Amsterdam by saying he had got drunk and accidentally put his old one in the washing machine.
    • Well, the police chief, the mayor and the Mexican consul general had a news conference a short time ago and they say that things do appear to be stable.
    • ‘The latest report we have from the consul general is that so far there were no Trinidadians on board the flight,’ Moses said.
    • Well, fortunately, the trip to Tel Aviv was underwritten by private sponsorship, and I'm very grateful for the Jewish Federation of L.A. and to the consul general in Los Angeles.
    • But King's health worsened, so Congress passed a special act and allowed the U.S. consul general in Cuba, William Sharkey, to swear King in as Vice President of the United States.
    • Among them could often be found the American consul general, tycoons, bankers and even opium-dealers.
    • A Department of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman confirmed yesterday the honorary consul general in Alicante was providing ‘all the assistance he could’ to the men, neither of whom have been identified.