Traducción de contact lens en Español:

contact lens

lente de contacto, n.


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    lente de contacto femenino
    lente de contacto masculino América Latina
    lentilla femenino España
    • Your eyeglass or contact lens prescription should be stable for at least one year.
    • The raw surface of your cornea repairs itself, assisted by a contact lens you wear as a bandage over your eye for three or four days after surgery.
    • Should you lose a contact lens, don't crawl around looking for it.
    • Also, from time to time online contact lens retailers put selected lenses on sale, which can get you an even better discount.
    • This can either be a pair of spectacles, contact lens or an intraocular lens.
    • At one point, I thought my contact lens had fallen out as I couldn't focus properly, but then I realised this was actually the desired effect.
    • With this option, you wear a bifocal contact lens in your nondominant eye and a contact lens set for distance in your dominant eye.
    • It left him unable to focus without a rigid contact lens which was impractical to insert, for instance, if he was called out in the middle of the night to answer an emergency when every moment counts.
    • Tate was born with two different colored eyes, she took a lot of teasing coming up and now wears a contact lens to give the appearance that her eyes are the same.
    • Ivins said the chain was also benefiting from its focus on the contact lens market where it believes the industry's major growth prospects lie.
    • It is difficult to see a clear contact lens in the solution, so for your convenience most corrective lenses have a light blue tint.
    • Note that the leaves flip by almost turning inside out - similar to the flipping of a contact lens, plastic lid or the reversal of a torn tennis ball.
    • The diameter of the contact lens with respect to the diameter of the cornea is looked at as well.
    • You would save a lot if you purchased your Halloween lenses from an online contact lens retailer instead.
    • Soft sales in the company's contact lens and lens care segments led to an overall decline of 3.4%.
    • The eyes need to be moved in certain directions but this can easily be done with the contact lens in place.
    • The contact lens wearer has to be strongly motivated to learn to adapt to this irritant and develop the ocular tolerance necessary for comfortable lens wear.
    • All contact lens users must remove and clean their lenses as instructed.
    • Protein accumulation on the contact lens can result in eye infection if the lens is not cleaned properly.
    • There was some consternation when Taylor required treatment in the first quarter of the match but this turned out to be no more than a contact lens change and normal service was quickly resumed.