Traducción de contact sheet en Español:

contact sheet

contacto, n.


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    contacto masculino
    • She projected a series of photographs along with a poorly crafted contact sheet, chemically stained, with inconsistent exposure between frames.
    • The Copyright Office will accept photographs submitted on CD-ROMs, DVDs, unmounted prints, contact sheets, slides, clippings, photo copies or videotape.
    • The exhibition's greatest fascination was generated by seven contact sheets, all printed on paper as generously sized as the individual enlargements.
    • The best part of the exhibition were the contact sheets, (for those who don't know, a contact sheet is basically a print of the original negatives.)
    • The initial idea was to look through his contact sheets - the first time anyone but Lowe had done so - with an eye for overlooked nuggets.
    • The memory card reader handles all popular card types, and as with most printers incorporating this feature, you can use it to get a contact sheet of the pictures stored on a card you insert.
    • It generates a contact sheet of thumbnail images that you mark to select and then scan.
    • Attached is a tiny photo from a contact sheet of a man in the nude.
    • And the fluid black patchiness of a photographer's contact sheet, which he employs as a kind of frame, gives the images a momentary as well as a monumental air.
    • Most important to me is that the viewing of thumbnails of all images in a folder, rename them individually or in batches, and generate quick contact sheets.
    • And frankly, a photographer's life isn't all that cool: It's a big mess of clients, chemicals, and contact sheets.
    • In panning through their slide carousels, each photographer essentially presented the audience with an edited contact sheet of his or her work.
    • All of my negatives, contact sheets and most prints were stored in cardboard boxes, in my basement.
    • The effect was a bit like looking at a row of photos on a contact sheet.
    • I got the contact sheet index print for the first roll of my Bombay photographs and am reasonably pleased with all the pictures.
    • But I didn't discover the eyes until I printed up the contact sheet a few days later.
    • Most printers that print directly from a digital camera will let you create an index sheet - the equivalent of a contact sheet in the old-fashioned film world.
    • A collection of black-and-white images covers a contact sheet, capturing pieces of a city's heritage on film.
    • She looked up from the contact sheet of negatives from Gia's recent photo shoot and repeated her question.
    • I spend countless hours going over contact sheets and file folders of photographs, both digital and hard copy.