Traducción de contributor en Español:


colaborador, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈtrɪbjʊtə//kənˈtrɪbjədər/


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    colaborador masculino
    colaboradora femenino
    he is a regular contributor to the local paper escribe regularmente para el periódico local
    • The writer is a Civil Engineer and is a regular contributor to various newspapers in Pakistan.
    • Dr Nafi is a frequent contributor to Arab newspapers.
    • I was an avid contributor to the magazine in my schooldays, but my last contribution was as a 16-year-old in 1955, my matric year.
    • He is also a visiting professor at Yale and a contributor to The Nation magazine.
    • In fact it is likely that Coleridge, who was himself a contributor to the Monthly Magazine, read some or all of these correspondences.
    • During his student years he was also a contributor to newspapers in Sofia.
    • He was an occasional contributor to this magazine in the 1960s.
    • In addition to being a regular contributor to the magazine, he is a renowned expert on demographics.
    • He is a frequent contributor to several newspapers and national dance publications.
    • Do you write articles for your local newspaper, or are you a contributor to a local newspaper who just loves covering hockey?
    • Lynda Richardson, who specializes in environmental photography, is a long-time contributor to this magazine.
    • He was a frequent contributor to the journal, having over a dozen articles published in it, mostly on over-ground or underground railways, his last piece being published as recently as 2000.
    • She is the author of more than 30 novels, for adults, young adults and children, and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, both print and online, all over the world.
    • He is a frequent contributor to leading newspapers on subjects of topical interest.
    • She has written 12 books, each concerned with how we create meaning, and is a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, television and radio.
    • He had some support from the French contributors, led by Dr Chataing.
    • He is a widely syndicated newspaper columnist, a frequent contributor to leading periodicals, and a lecturer.
    • A farmer by choice, Kevin has also written a number of books and essays and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines in Northern Ireland.
    • He had been a frequent contributor to the magazine.
    • He was a regular contributor to this magazine, primarily via his comments on items he viewed as incorrect or incomplete.
    • Sir Max Hastings gave up editing after six years in charge of the Evening Standard to become, he said, once more an author of books and a mere contributor to newspapers.
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    donante femenino
    they were generous contributors to the cause contribuyeron generosamente a la causa
    • Thanks to all contributors for their continuous support.
    • The contributors are all beneficiaries of the charity which will have donated more than £50m to organisations worldwide by the end of 2002.
    • Can anyone imagine that they would shovel that cash to their friends and campaign contributors the minute they were able to do so?
    • These proposals have more to do with rewarding campaign contributors and lobbying patrons than with economic stimulus.
    • Many thanks to all contributors for their support.
    • This doctrine conveniently has wide appeal among the major contributors from business and finance, but it doesn't promise much for the folks who vote.
    • Jobs were slashed, top contributors were promoted, and business units consolidated.
    • Appreciation was also extended to all the sponsors and contributors for making the show such a success.
    • He is so eager to accommodate his supporters and contributors that there seems to be very little that he is not willing to do for them at the expense of the public interest.
    • The contributors identify the strains and costs associated with maintaining this system.
    • She runs a lighting manufacturing business in the area and is one of the contributors towards the cost of the patrols.
    • He also was accused of favouring rich friends and campaign contributors - a view he strongly disputed.
    • It will likely cost more than any previous war, with few contributors.
    • Only then will more credible candidates emerge whom contributors can support.
    • May we wish a happy new year to all of our readers, contributors and supporters.
    • Thanks was also expressed to all sponsors, contributors and volunteer workers.
    • The U.S. Agency for International Development was the largest single contributor.