Traducción de contributory en Español:


que contribuye, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈtrɪbjʊt(ə)ri//kənˈtrɪbjəˌtɔri/


  • 1

    (cause/circumstance/factor) que contribuye
    • When we talk about speed being a significant contributory factor in accident casualty rates that is exactly what we mean.
    • His looks are important, a contributory factor to the success that has made him one of Britain's best known television actors and a regular on the chat-show circuit.
    • In others there may be no such contributory factor.
    • Indeed, in many respects, it was a significant contributory factor in bringing it to an end.
    • However, even if such mechanisms have been operational in the past, it is possible that current species richness had another contributory cause.
    • I think the lack of corporal punishment is a contributory factor to this lawlessness.
    • Stress, fast-paced life, and irregular and bad food habits are all contributory factors.
    • It is particularly associated with cramps and varicose veins and may be significant in the contributory factors of heart disease.
    • Accident investigators found no contributory defects in either car.
    • The social plays a part in forming the personal as do many other contributory forces; biological, economic, psychological, environmental and cultural.
    • The only known contributory factors to prostate cancer are a fatty diet, and for testicular cancer, heredity.
    • Psychiatric disorders are the main risk factor, but numerous studies have also identified physical illness as an important contributory factor.
    • She said: ‘Television is a contributory factor but there is also a lot of peer pressure.’
    • Undernutrition is a well known contributory factor to high mortality in children due to infectious diseases.
    • Its etiology also is far from homogeneous, with many likely contributory factors.
    • The other great contributory factor is the weather.
    • Other contributory factors may be malnutrition and chronic alcohol abuse.
    • Another contributory factor, however, may well have been overwork.
    • Importantly this was one contributory factor in the expansion of the demand for labour in those manufacturing and service sectors into which black workers were recruited in the 1950s and early 1960s.
    • He may have a point about car parking but, as regards this tragedy, it would seem it has not been a contributory factor.
  • 2

    (pension plan) contributivo
    • They are demanding a 30 percent salary increase, abolition of the contributory pension scheme, provision of medical insurance and steps to end contract labour.
    • This was the beginning of the contributory, non-means-tested half of the British social security system; in 1925 state insurance for contributory old-age pensions was added.
    • Benefits available for this position include an attractive salary, 25 days holiday, a company car and a contributory pension scheme.
    • Although less common than 20 years ago many large companies operate a contributory pension fund on behalf of their employees.
    • The agreement also brings improvements including a contributory pension scheme.
    • In return, the Company offers a competitive salary, a contributory Pension Scheme, life insurance and a company car.
    • The contributory pension is up an enormous 68% since 1997.
    • Many women after spending a life working on farms have no record of any employment and are not entitled to a contributory old age pension.
    • In contributory schemes, companies will commonly match employee contributions.
    • I have applied for the contributory old-age pension and I may be entitled to a part-pension from social welfare.
    • The pension fund is now contributory, for example.
    • The union is also stepping up its campaign to have the contributory old age pension increased to 34% of average industrial earnings.
    • Under the new arrangements, the contributory old-age pension will rise to 167.30 per week.
    • I will shortly qualify for a full old-age contributory pension.
    • We offer an excellent benefits package including contributory pension scheme, life assurance and private medical cover.
    • The inter-war years saw the growth of contributory pensions for workers, some occupational pensions - mainly for men - and widows' pensions.
    • Former secretary of state Alan Johnson briefly flirted with the idea of a universal pension, but the government, like the Tories, seems to believe it would be a mistake to abandon our contributory pension.
    • The contributory income of 400,000 employed was equal to the minimum wage, she said.
    • The basic state pension is contributory only in the sense that the payment of sufficient contributions is a condition of entitlement.
    • And by making a social insurance payment, they can avail of certain State benefits, principally the contributory pension entitlement.