Traducción de contrived en Español:


artificioso, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈtrʌɪvd//kənˈtraɪvd/


  • 1

    her reaction seemed a little contrived su reacción pareció un poco afectada
    • How could it be that in a situation as artificially contrived as a television studio, you could get this frank and free discussion between two people?
    • In the end, a few short minutes in such contrived circumstances did little to further the debate on the something already described as a ‘national disgrace’.
    • Thus a contrived dichotomy between human rights and national security has been artificially orchestrated.
    • Both are real and ancient things, ignored by those who live in a bubble of artificial laughter and contrived wit, but alive to those who meet them in the everyday.
    • Harris rejected such an ahistorical and artificially contrived formulation of African studies.
    • They would rather deal with technology than with philosophy, tackle contrived situations than trigger debates on the nuances of film images.
    • Here, however, several contrived situations are grafted into the plot to generate artificial tension.
    • My idea of a game, first of all, is that it represents a subset of the rules of Life, or an artificially contrived set of rules that represent something else entirely.
    • We are breaking free from our completely contrived preconception of how things ought to be.
    • The seemingly haphazard arrangement of pavilions was a contrived effect, it can be seen as a stand against the Beaux Arts tradition.
    • Is her vulnerability a natural or contrived circumstance?
    • This theme is played out through a dozen strangers who become related by artfully contrived coincidence.
    • This is an authentic confessional, full of self-corrections and digressions and commentary on itself, without ever feeling contrived or artificial.