Traducción de control en español:


controlar, v.

Pronunciación: /kənˈtroʊl//kənˈtrəʊl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(command)

      (industry/people/country) controlar
      (industry/country/people) efercer control sobre
      his ambition to control the business su ambición de hacerse con el control del negocio
      • Focus your talents and energies on areas you can directly influence and control.
      • The more alcohol you take in, the less able you are to control your behaviour.
      • How well you control your mind determines why you choke while others remain calm and focused.
      • The offender had limited capacity to control her behaviour in this respect.
      • Many are drugged to control their behaviour because there are no proper therapies for their conditions.
      • It was an elite, skillfully and ruthlessly controlling demoralized and apathetic masses.
      • It ruled that the union would face legal action if it failed to control the behaviour of those protesting.
      • At one point, each soldier was responsible for controlling 75 prisoners.
      • In London, many people defied a request by police to avoid meeting in Trafalgar Square, where authorities often have trouble controlling the rowdier celebrants.
      • The whole point of a blog is that its author controls its content.
      • Secondly, it develops and maintains an animal that is easy to have around, has appropriate behaviour and is readily controlled in any environment.
      • By controlling influential committees, the Prime Minister can also ensure that he drives the policies of these committees.
      • Yet through all of this, I realized society's constructs were limiting me by controlling my body, mind, sex and sexuality.
      • I discovered the key to controlling their outrageous behaviour.
      • I feel like I'm on top of this huge mountain, screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart tearing open, and the state of my soul controlling what I'm saying.

    • 1.2(regulate)

      (rate/flow/temperature) controlar
      (rate/flow/temperature) regular
      (traffic) dirigir
      (inflation/prices/growth) controlar
      • This aspect of the process was controlled through separate instrumentation.
      • The researchers' initial goal was to learn what controls this process.
      • The receiver can be accessed and controlled remotely using Internet browsers or company software.
      • Fingerprint recognition can be used in access control for opening doors, controlling burglar alarms and supervising working hours.
      • Scientists believe they will be able to develop treatments for deafness due to the discovery of the gene they believe controls the process that enables us to hear.
      • He was such a bad pilot, having trouble controlling and landing the aircraft, that they would not let him rent the plane without a rental company employee to accompany him!
      • My wife Amy sings and I read from the texts of my poems, as music plays which Stan controls at a soundboard.

  • 2

    • 2.1(curb, hold in check)

      (animal/person) controlar
      (disease/vermin/fire) controlar
      (emotion) controlar
      (emotion) dominar
      you ought to control that temper of yours! ¡deberías controlar / dominar ese genio!
      • to control oneself dominarse
      • Exams can be nerve-wracking, and controlling your stress levels around this time can be difficult.
      • They are also exploring the effects of social and legislative controls such as blood alcohol limits for driving and controlling the density of liquor outlets in neighborhoods.
      • Use music prior to competition to help maintain focus by controlling negative thoughts.
      • It is approved for organic as well as conventional use, and it keeps in check many serious pests not otherwise easily controlled.
      • Everything that can be done to stop the transmission of diseases like avian influenza is important in controlling it.
      • It has long been credited with helping to control cholesterol levels.
      • Check out how to control your costs, how to keep accounts and how to manage employees.
      • Stella loves him dearly, as well, but he has trouble controlling his temper.
      • Psychiatric supervision may help him control some of his feelings of anxiety and he has been offered this on an outpatient basis.
      • The body is then unable to control blood sugar levels and insulin must be injected daily.
      • Mulching can effectively control weeds from seeds that germinate at or near the soil surface.
      • The girls investigated agriculture and the best practice to control the nitrate levels in the soil.
      • To others this would look icy, but Aradia knew her best friend was barely controlling her temper.
      • Pain has to be controlled and adequate hydration maintained so that the abnormal proteins don't plug the kidneys.
      • The disease may be controlled with medications or through surgery or radiation treatments.
      • The Government has placed great emphasis on controlling the level of inflation but yet, a State body is being granted increases well above the rate of inflation.
      • He also called upon the citizens to launch a green revolution to control increasing pollution levels in the City.
      • Mr Keaney said noise and dust generated by the quarry could be controlled by conditions limiting the hours of operation and the cleaning of the public roads.
      • Use pesticides only when necessary and only in amounts that will adequately control pests.
      • By tightly controlling your blood sugar levels, intensive insulin therapy can help prevent long-term diabetes complications such as kidney damage.

    • 2.2(manage, steer)

      (vehicle/boat) controlar
      (horse) controlar
      (horse) dominar
      • Having local authorities controlling licensing certainly makes a lot of sense, because they are in the front line of the drinking culture in their particular communities.
      • If the election is as tight as it promises to be, they could well determine who controls the US Senate.
      • Rodney would stress that peasants controlled the agricultural process inside villages, and indeed even their own societies in a wider sense.
      • They relocate to another community after he unwittingly takes a job with a company controlled by a super-villain.
      • We can now ask how genes are controlling cell behavior.
      • If the scheme goes ahead, it could become the first in the country to follow the example of the Continent, where in some places prostitution is tolerated but actively controlled by the authorities.
      • The majority of the 2000-plus health and fitness clubs in the UK are still either operated independently or controlled by local authorities.
      • Regional media are generally controlled by regional authorities.
      • They acted after the London Port Authority, which controls the waters, told Colin they would charge him up to £10,000 to move it.
      • At Tewkesbury School, which is not controlled by the education authority, the new system will be introduced gradually.
      • The government is also planning to have a single authority for controlling venture capital funds.
      • This is what is meant by span of control: the numbers of positions allocated to and controlled by a supervisor or manager.
      • In addition to the presidential race, November's election will determine which party controls the next Congress.
      • They received a monthly salary and were charged with controlling the production process and recording the flow of tobacco leaves and products.
      • A small number of states could determine which party controls the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.
      • But what is sometimes overlooked is that the upcoming elections could determine who controls Congress for the next 10 years.
      • In the tobacco factory a supervisor controlled the quality of the cigars.
      • Those who are regulated usually end up controlling the process and warp the regulations to their own benefit.
      • The story is about a future society in which an authoritarian cult controls the vast reaches of Asia, but is then overthrown, leaving a pair of young lovers to experience the scary novelty of freedom.
      • The army of 28 new-style traffic wardens was introduced this month, completely controlled by the authority.

  • 3

    (accounts/expenditure) controlar


  • 1

    control masculino
    to be in control mandar
    • who's in control here? ¿quién manda aquí?
    • they were now in complete control of the straits ahora dominaban / controlaban completamente el estrecho
    • to gain control of sth hacerse con el control de algo
    • to have/lose control of sth tener/perder el control de algo
    • the firm remains in the family's control la compañía sigue en manos de / bajo el control de la familia
    • the zone was under Arab control la zona estaba bajo el control / el dominio de los árabes
    • we need only a few more shares to take control of the company solo necesitamos unas pocas acciones más para hacernos con el control de la compañía
  • 2

    (ability to control, restrain) control masculino
    (authority) autoridad femenino
    to be beyond sb's control estar fuera del control de algn
    • problems which are beyond the government's control problemas que escapan al control del gobierno
    • circumstances beyond our control may lead to delays circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad pueden ocasionar retrasos
    • she was in complete control of herself throughout en ningún momento perdió el control / el dominio de sí misma
    • to be out of control estar fuera de control
    • to get out of control descontrolarse
    • he brought his anger under control logró controlar / dominar su ira
    • the epidemic is under control la epidemia está bajo control
    • she struggled to keep the horse under control luchó para mantener al caballo bajo control
    • he lost control of the horse perdió el control del caballo
    • he lost control of himself perdió los estribos
    • he lost control of the car perdió el control del coche
  • 3

    (regulation, restriction)
    control masculino
    control(s) on / of sth control de algo
    • arms control control de armamentos
    • wage control(s) regulación salarial / de salarios
    • price control(s) control de precios
  • 4

    (knob, switch)
    botón de control masculino
    control masculino
    the volume/tone control el botón / control del volumen/tono
  • 5controls pl

    (of vehicle)
    (masculine plural) mandos
  • 6

    control masculino
  • 7

    control masculino
  • 8

    (in experiment)
    patrón (de comparación) masculino
    before noun control experiment experimento de control masculino
    • control group grupo de control
  • 9

    (skill, mastery)
    dominio masculino