Traducción de contusion en Español:


contusión, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈtjuːʒ(ə)n//kənˈtuʒən/



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    contusión femenino
    • Dr. Whittemore and his colleagues injected the treated precursor cells into the spinal cords of rats with a type of spinal injury called a contusion, which is caused by an impact to the spinal cord.
    • The advantage of including all player complaints is that it becomes possible to assess the impact of the full spectrum of injuries from mild contusions through fractures.
    • The same mechanisms that produce toe fractures may cause a ligament sprain, contusion, dislocation, tendon injury, or other soft tissue injury.
    • Injuries included broken teeth and jaws as well as contusions and lesions on face and body.
    • Furthermore, the playing position and the injury location were registered, and injuries were classified as contusions, sprains, strains, fractures, or lacerations.
    • His MRI showed a contusion and some tissue damage and something else that I can't pronounce.
    • Soft-tissue injuries such as contusions, strains, and sprains are the most common injuries in Gaelic football, soccer, and rugby.
    • Eight of those injuries were concussions and one was a head contusion without any acute neurologic effects.
    • The majority of injuries were diagnosed as contusions.
    • He has a lot of bumps and bruises - contusions and soft tissue injuries - but he should be back in four to six weeks.
    • This action helps thwart swelling and bruising, making it very useful for the topical treatment of bruises, sprains and contusions.
    • The most common types of injuries were contusions, sprains, and strains, which is in agreement with the previous results.
    • Todd had a contusion on his collarbone, and Kathi had a contusion on her tibia.
    • Bruises, contusions, scabs and grazes are useful for when you want to pull the odd sickie from work or school, or if you are making an insurance claim and you want to make the damage look worse than it is (kidding of course…).
    • Patient adverse events related to patient handling and movement include pain and injury (e.g., falls, contusions, and skin tears).
    • In this study, the proportions of sprains/strains, contusions, and fractures were similar to those reported in other studies of high school football players.
    • Minor sprains and strains and contusions constituted one-half of all injuries.
    • The majority of these injuries were sprains and contusions.
    • In the youth and adult groups, more than 60% of the injuries were diagnosed as contusions, with sprains being the second most common diagnosis.
    • ‘Associated injuries often make the diagnosis of a cardiac contusion difficult,’ Dr. Doty says.