Traducción de convert en Español:


converso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɒnvəːt//ˈkɑnˌvərt/


  • 1

    converso masculino
    conversa femenino
    convert ( from sth) to sth converso ( de algo) a algo
    • we have become converts to solar energy nos hemos convertido en partidarios del uso de la energía solar
    • If you're a convert to organic produce, you're not alone.
    • James is a convert to Islam and made his first Hajj pilgrimage in 2003.
    • In 1625, Elizabeth Cary returned to London, and she became a high-profile convert to Roman Catholicism in 1626.
    • Soon after, I became an enthusiastic convert to the right.
    • It is very rare to see a Muslim in such a union convert to Hinduism.
    • Researchers also believe the king was an early convert to Christianity after a silver spoon, probably imported from the east, engraved with a cross and Latin wording was found.
    • As a teen-age convert to serious Christianity, I was a puritanical zealot.
    • A girl of my age declaring herself a convert to any religion is sure to raise eyebrows.
    • Laurel herself was an early convert to all things digital after winning a computer (of sorts) at age 12.
    • In 1918 he became a convert to the Bahai faith and much of his subsequent work was inspired by an interest in Oriental art and thought.
    • I've tasted them because I am a convert to Atkins.
    • My being a Catholic convert to Islam helped her to relate to the religion, though she already knew some things about it.
    • Steve's a really interesting guy and a convert to the Faith to boot!
    • Like many financial advisers, he has a strong entrepreneurial streak and pursues his ideas with the eye-popping zeal of a convert to a new religion.
    • As a convert to Orthodox Christianity - and, while she'd deny it, something of a mystic - Maggie believed in the sanctity of God's creation.
    • My father was a great wrestler before he became a convert to Christianity.
    • His analysis is sufficiently persuasive to make me a convert to numerology.
    • I do not speak, therefore, as one who comes from the ranks of the teetotalers, one who has never been tainted, nor am I a recent convert to the anti-drink brigade.
    • I am a late convert to, and somewhat sceptical of, the notion of seeking a greater degree of fitness by using weights and machines.
    • Paul, an early convert to Christianity, preached mainly to Gentiles outside Palestine.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (building) remodelar
    (building) reformar
    (vehicle) transformar
    to convert sth into sth convertir / transformar algo en algo
    • the church has been converted into a museum la iglesia ha sido convertida / transformada en un museo
    • these panels convert the sunlight into electricity estas placas convierten la luz solar en electricidad
    • they live in a converted barn viven en un granero convertido en vivienda
  • 2

    to convert sth into sth convertir / transformar algo en algo
    • to convert securities into real estate convertir valores en bienes inmuebles
  • 3

    to convert sth into / to sth convertir algo a / en algo
    • to convert pounds into kilos convertir libras a / en kilos
  • 4

    (cause to change view)
    to convert sb to sth convertir a algn a algo
    • a converted Jew/Communist un judío/comunista converso
    • he converted us to the idea nos convenció de la idea
  • 5

    he didn't convert the try no transformó / no convirtió los dos puntos
  • 6

    (property) apropiarse indebidamente

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (change into)
    to convert into / to sth convertirse / transformarse en algo
  • 2

    Religión Política
    to convert to sth convertirse a algo