Traducción de cook en español:


cocinero, n.

Pronunciación: /kʊk//kʊk/


  • 1

    cocinero masculino
    cocinera femenino
    he's a good cook cocina muy bien
    • to be chief cook and bottle-washer
    • I'm not chief cook and bottle-washer here, you know mira que yo no soy la sirvienta
    • too many cooks spoil the broth muchas manos en un plato hacen mucho garabato
    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture outlines food handling tips to help cooks prepare turkeys that won't cause sickness.
    • Phoenix sat back and watched as they gorged themselves on all manner of foods the cooks had so nicely prepared for her.
    • The biggest change in food television over the last five years has been the move away from showing cooks prepare food to revealing how they manage their careers and lives.
    • But when I got home I found that our cook had prepared this delicious chicken, and I just couldn't say no!
    • Instead, the heady aroma of cooking kept everyone awake and waiting to taste the fare prepared by a native cook, who donned the role of lecturer for the day.
    • The cook prepared a small bag of food for the girl's journey; she tied it to her travel sack.
    • It's not her fault the cook hasn't prepared my food properly.
    • I became aware of the cooks preparing food for us, and the servers serving us, and I began to feel grateful that they were all working so that I could sit!
    • He teaches his cooks to prepare his recipes, his way.
    • The competition, held annually as part of the wine festival, brings together fine pastry chefs and cooks from the region's restaurants and hotels to compete.
    • In addition to the pre-packaged food, a cook prepares a selection of three hot buffet style meals and one salad daily.
    • She was a great cook and excelled at preparing food.
    • I'm not going to eat something a cook prepares if she doesn't taste it first.
    • Or, a cook might prepare ‘fried corn,’ by cutting the grains off of the cob and creaming them in a skillet.
    • I knew a cook who would routinely prepare an extra portion for himself to eat before he came to table.
    • All over America on this day, short order cooks and chefs were making eggs over easy with great success.
    • Johnny, who was a professional cook, prepared a roast calf and served it with his ever so special mashed potato-gravy sauce.
    • One of the beautiful things about this open-plan restaurant is that you can watch the cooks prepare your food as you enjoy the surroundings.
    • Many have open kitchens where you can see firsthand that there are no health-code violations, plus you can watch the cooks preparing your food.
    • Pat always eats on board and even has a full-time cook to prepare the finest food on his salubrious floating residence.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (meal/food) hacer
    (food/meal) preparar
  • 2coloquial

    (accounts/books) amañar coloquial

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (prepare food)
    (person) cocinar
    (person) guisar
    can you cook? ¿sabes cocinar / guisar?
  • 2

    (become ready)
    (meal/food) hacerse
  • 3coloquial

    what's cooking? ¿qué se está tramando? coloquial