Traducción de cookie en Español:


galleta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkʊki//ˈkʊki/


  • 1EEUU

    galleta femenino
    galletita femenino Río de la Plata
    • Whole leaves ground to a fine spice-like powder can be used as seasoning or in backing recipes for breads, cookies, cakes, and muffins.
    • I know I shouldn't eat cakes and cookies, but are potatoes and corn OK?
    • The preparations will include varieties of rice items, sweets, fried items, cookies, cakes and juices.
    • This may involve candy, some cake and/or cookies, alcohol if your workplace allows it, etc.
    • Why aren't we making the good stuff, like cookies or cake?
    • Keep in mind, too, that we don't generally eat an entire meal of walnuts but use them as a garnish or as flavor bursts in cookies and cakes.
    • The other squash we know and like is pumpkin, a winter squash used almost exclusively for pie in our country and to a lesser extent for baked goods such as breads, cakes and cookies.
    • The new recipe produced some very flat cookies.
    • Only, the characters here were real and not necessarily out on a picnic with sweet lemonade, ham sandwiches, home-made cookies and cakes.
    • People set aside time to make cookies, cakes, and decorations.
    • Enjoy the famous bake sale with homemade cakes, pies and cookies.
    • Then wrap up those cookies and cakes for neighbors, coworkers and friends - they make a great low-cost, thoughtful gift.
    • But we don't have to give up the delicious combination of creamy icing and crisp chocolate cookie.
    • For example, it may simply add bulk to stews and stuffings, or nice moist textures to cakes, cookies and loaves.
    • For her, the most special family tradition is Christmas baking, which involves preparing delicious cakes and cookies for the whole family.
    • When patients couldn't pay, they sometimes brought him a homemade cake or cookies or fresh fruit.
    • She was an excellent cook, and she actually loved doing it, which was why there were always cakes and cookies to look forward to after school.
    • Instead of just cookies and cakes, there will be some sandwiches.
    • Cloves and allspice are a festive combination, famous for flavoring holiday pies, cakes and cookies.
    • I have experienced occasional heartburn after I have eaten sugary snacks like cake, pie and cookies.
  • 2coloquial

    she's a smart cookie es más lista que el hambre coloquial
    • he's a tough cookie es un tipo durísimo
    • But Andy is a tough cookie, and he is sticking it out.
    • Coles is a tough cookie, and that impresses his teammates the most.
    • After all, I am used to seeing her as a pretty tough cookie.
    • Besides, I'm a tough little cookie - you said so yourself.
    • It is a waiting game and a praying game but he is a tough cookie.
    • Mr Gove is a smart cookie, and he is trying to suggest one.
    • Because - listen to this and believe it - you're a smart cookie.
    • You don't know what it's like until you're there, and I'm a pretty tough cookie myself.
    • She's a smart cookie, a ‘tough cookie,’ as one character mockingly calls her.
    • Butler, a tough cookie if ever there was one, refused to crumble after he was diagnosed with lung cancer on July 4.
    • Of course, I had always known she was a tough cookie.
    • Dylan's a tough cookie, and you can read all about it on his very engaging and frequently updated website.
    • If they say I'm a tough cookie, it's because they're sloppy.
    • Vanessa Craft meets one tough cookie who's definitely in control.
    • They were tough cookies, some of them, really tough cookies but they were also terribly warm-hearted.
    • But he is a very tough cookie indeed, having been brought up in the military atmosphere of West Point.
    • The older women were tough cookies let me tell you.
    • You're one tough cookie when it comes to forgiveness.
    • Jenn's one tough cookie but she has a heart of gold.
    • Once you've driven your flag into the North Pole, proven to yourself that you're actually a pretty tough cookie, what's the point in doing it again?
  • 3EEUU anticuado

    (term of endearment)
    tesorito coloquial
  • 4

    cookie femenino
    galleta femenino
    • Some servers use cookies to track users from site to site, and some use them to uncover the identity of the user.
    • The use of advertising cookies sent by third-party servers is standard in the Internet industry.
    • Companies using cookies and other internet tracking devices will have to provide information to users, giving them the chance to opt out.
    • He had failed to grasp the fact that the browser itself stores the cookies on the user's hard drive.
    • The main purpose of a cookie is to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web pages for them.