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cool bag



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    • By placing raw meat in sealed containers and packing at the bottom of the cool bag, you can prevent meat juices from dripping onto other foods, and stop the spread of harmful germs.
    • Equally, we let picnic foods warm up, when a cool bag could keep bacteria from multiplying.
    • Pop one or two into the cool bag along with your frozen baits, seal the bag and keep it in the coolest part of your car and your baits should arrive at the water's edge in prime condition.
    • The area was sealed off for two hours while tests were carried out, which revealed the package to be just a cool bag containing bottles of water.
    • Take one Burberry-style shopping trolley, convert into a refrigerated vehicle by inserting a cool bag complete with several ice packs, and you have the perfect transport’ for a very special shopping trip.
    • When preparing a picnic, take the food out of the fridge at the last minute and use a cool bag to keep it chilled and covered until you eat.
    • This BBQ and cool bag is perfect for people on the move.
    • Far more important are the contents of their cool bags.
    • With picnics, food should be prepared just before you go out and kept in a cool bag.
    • Earlier this week I remembered that my uncle had a cool bag when we were in Paris, so I emailed him to find out what type it was.
    • Take a cool bag and a book to read in case you end up in a long line.