Traducción de cordial en Español:


cordial, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔːdɪəl//ˈkɔrdʒəl/


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    (welcome/smile) cordial
    • Top fields, friendly bookmakers and cordial entertainment will make it the place to be this Saturday.
    • The ministers claimed that the meeting was held in a very cordial manner and friendly manner.
    • I've always had a very cordial and warm personal relationship with the President of the United States.
    • Yesterday's historic gathering at which political parties met in a warm and cordial environment is commendable and a breakthrough.
    • He put the brakes on her chair and slipped up the ramp quickly, chatting with the man behind the counter in a friendly and cordial manner.
    • He was a warm, cordial man, who immediately treated me like a long lost friend.
    • Could I first of all say a very warm and cordial welcome to you, Mr Justham, and indeed to your colleagues.
    • Not necessary that each individual has a written invitation, if you have been forgotten take a stroll to the meeting and you will be given a cordial welcome.
    • We wish them a hearty and cordial welcome and long and peaceful lives in our parish community.
    • The hospital superintendent and staff try to extend a cordial welcome, but the Minister has no time for such trivialities.
    • A dog idly barked, adding to the majestic orchestra that played its beautiful music to the silent audience of nature, lulling everyone into a warm, cordial state of being.
    • ‘The meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere befitting the warm relations that exist between the two countries,’ he said.
    • We are also aware of the importance to embrace the efforts of other civic organisations and we welcome the cordial respect and co-operation we have for each other.
    • Both parents and teachers must try to create a friendly and cordial atmosphere for the children.
    • I did so hope Dallas would give the Kennedys a warm and very cordial welcome.
    • Current squeezes are, however, allowed to be upset if what's going on is not a cordial friendship, but a leftover entanglement of feelings and manipulations.
    • I am sure the delegates and the athletes will enjoy a friendly and cordial welcome from the people of Athy.
    • There was no awkward moments at the office, and we maintained a cordial professional relationship and a warm friendship.
    • As a matter of fact, it was a very cordial, very warm meeting.
    • The victorious Europeans weren't cordial friends.
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    (hatred/dislike) cordial
    (dislike/hatred) profundo


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    (soft drink)
    (concentrado) refresco masculino
    • Fruit cordials are the perfect drink for both formal and informal occasions.
    • There are soups, sauces, breads, margarines, confectionery, peanut butter, cordials and soft drinks, biscuits, and yoghurts.
    • We order drinks, elderflower cordial for my wife, a nice cup of brain-bothering caffeine for me, and then our meals.
    • Swapping fizzy drinks, fruit juices and cordials for nice cold plain water can make a big difference to children's dental health.
    • The consumer clearly wants to have the choice of organic and nonorganic cakes, biscuits and fruit cordials, breakfast cereals and jams, flavoured yoghurts and cured and processed meats.
    • Reduce intake or avoid sweetened drinks such as soft drinks, cordials and sports drinks.
    • Whatever your selection, the result will delight you every time you pour a glass of homemade fruit cordial.
    • In honour of the sheer trashiness of the occasion I was drinking champagne with raspberry cordial in it, which I observed this gay guy in a flat cap and waistcoat ordering.
    • After doing so, he turned on the radio, sat in his favourite chair in the drawing room, drinking a small glass of elderflower cordial, and listened to the programme.
    • Most households include cordials or squashes in their shopping lists and, as a father, I have informed views of my own.
    • I had a quiet night in last night with my folks who nearly drank us out of summer fruits cordial.
    • Since I drank the lime cordial pretty quickly, my stomach hurt the whole way home…
    • A knowledge of the properties of syrups at different concentrations and temperatures is basic to sugar boiling and confectionery, and they are also important in fruit preservation and in making soft drinks and cordials.
    • In their place you have to look at using low-joule cordials and soft drinks, plain mineral water and soda water, low fat milk and dry wines or spirits and even then limited to a maximum of two alcoholic drinks a day.
    • If your drink bottle contains sports drink or cordial, it will provide your body with an additional source of fuel.
    • I guess my idea that no one drinks cordials was turned upside down.
    • The Eels were treated to an afternoon tea of cake, fruit, cordial, tea and coffee and also became the proud owners of Parramatta baseball caps.
    • Bacup-based Mawsons, an 80-year-old family business, has started producing the old fashioned cordials dandelion and burdock, cream soda and sarsaparilla once more.
    • Scone sellers also often sold drinks made from cordial bought from a supermarket, mixed with ice inside a plastic cooler and sold by the cup.
    • By then fruit products were one-fifth of Tasmania's exports; and in fact the factory continued to produce tinned fruit, juice and cordials until the early 1970s.
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    cordial masculino
    • Marie Brizard is a public company quoted on the French Stock Exchange and is world renowned for its tradition of quality wines, liquors, cognac, cocktails and cordials.
    • Rosolio came to denote a whole class of cordials and liqueurs.
    • Strained once again and finished up with a dose of vodka, my cordial was looking nice and smelling lovely.
    • Under the new regime, liqueur and cordials, which are currently taxed at the rate of 15 percent per liter under the jurisdiction of the Consumption Tax Act, will attract a new rate of 20 percent.
    • Almost no rum aromas or flavors make it through the vanilla cloud, making it a great alternative to cordials or liqueurs when looking for a sweet spirit in crafting cocktails.
    • The next one is ‘Liqueurs, cordials, and bitters’.
    • Beam has successfully increased the presence and trial of Jim Beam bourbon and DeKuyper cordials via local promotions and sponsorships, specifically among Latino consumers.
    • Cognac and cordials are the preferred spirits, and Thursday night the big night out.
    • The tasting includes more than 60 wines, 12 beers and a selection of cordials.
    • That doesn't mean cordials and liqueurs are dying, though.
    • Heaven Hill markets more than 50 labels of bourbon, rye, scotch, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, cognac, wines and cordials.
    • Of course, after-dinner drinks remain a stronghold for liqueurs and cordials.
    • When it comes right down to it, there seems to be no reason not to go wild with liqueurs and cordials, ‘Without all of them, all you can do is make basic-style drinks,’ says Shooters' Jackson.
    • Those four pages include 13 specialty drinks, six super creamy drinks, four Margaritas, 13 Martinis and eight coffee drinks made with whiskey, rum, cordials and whipped cream.
    • They are also used as ingredients in sweet dishes, an extensive and important role shared with liqueurs, cordials, and eaux-de-vie.
    • Northern food will also be celebrated at Booths supermarket on Leeds Road, where specialist firms from across the North of England will supply unusual cordials, ales and dishes using all kinds of native ingredients.
    • Gin and vodka brands have featured Martini glasses in their ads for years, but now so do rums, cordials and other types of spirits.
    • And some of the best ingredients to work with are cordials, liqueurs and schnapps.
    • But they are far more versatile than many cooks imagine, as they can be converted into jams and jellies, brandy and cordials.
    • In our piece on cordials, we mistakenly referred to Campari as a French concoction, when any first-year bartender knows that the bright red bitters comes from Milan, Italy.